What the drivers at Kansas Speedway said

Bubba Wallace stole the spotlight from the playoff drivers as he charged to the front in the closing stages to win Sunday’s Cup Series playoff race at Kansas Speedway.

Wallace led the final 43 laps of the race.

Denny Hamlin, Christopher Bell, Alex Bowman and Martin Truex Jr. followed in the top five.

What the drivers had to say during and after Sunday’s race at Kansas Speedway:

Bubba Wallace — Winner: Man, so proud of this team, so proud of the effort they put in every week. Just thanks for the opportunity, right? I got this jump from an idea two years ago from a text by Denny before all this even happened. He was ready to close the deal. … Pit crew was amazing today. We had a loose wheel. Just grateful. Thanks for the opportunity and thanks for shutting up a lot of people. I knew Danny would be strong. That’s what I’m looking at, is that he wasn’t that good at the start of the day, and he comes and finishes P2. And that’s what I want to start doing. When we don’t have the best days, just take advantage of such moments. It’s nice to beat the boss, but man, we blew the lights out today once we got the lead, and it was a lot of fun.

Christopher Bell – Finished 3rd: “We just got a little off balance that last run, but overall a great day of points and very proud of everyone in this No. 20 DEWALT team. Great day for Toyota and happy for Bubba to win. He deserved it really, really fast all day. Big points day. We’ll go ahead and try to win one. I am very happy that we are finally getting the results that this team deserves. Our speed has been there all year, and I feel like we’ve given up some good finishes. The last couple of weeks we’ve built on that, and hopefully we can keep the ball rolling.”

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Ryan Blaney – Finished 9th: “We were fine. We walked the field pretty decently there starting and finished second in the first stage. I was proud of the progress we made. I had to come off pit road after the first stage and had to reset to the back. From there we weren’t good enough to get back into the top five. I chased it and tuned the car after that. All in all, it wasn’t a bad day. It was a good day of points and we look pretty decent going into Bristol. We’ll just have to go there and have a good day.”

Austin Cindric — Finished 12th: “I felt like we made the car better all day, and we just piped at one point on a restart, the final restart there. We lost all the positions I had won and never got them back. I just drove the car really hard trying to fix it and I was really lost until the end of the race. Overall, like I said, we didn’t beat ourselves. We’ve been checking this box for the past couple of weeks. Bristol will be a big unknown and a big challenge. We cannot take it for granted. I feel like we gave a little today. I want to win in Bristol. That would be awesome. I had a lot of pain in Bristol, okay? I’d like to change that, but maybe I’ll move on to the next round. I have a lot of work ahead of me and very good guys that I will have to beat.”

Chase Briscoe — Finished 13th: “Our balance was very different than in practice. I was worried at the start but our team did a good job making good adjustments and good pit stops and good restarts to get to fourth or fifth. We could have run in the top five if we could maintain track position. We went down pit road, and 51 (Cody Ware) just buried us and pinned me in. I couldn’t get close to him, and we went from running fourth to running 15th and I stayed there the rest of the day. I wish we had our Mustang up there. I feel like we had top-5 speed. We just needed the track position to get it and we weren’t good enough to get back into the field again. Going to Bristol with no points isn’t the end of the world. I’d like to be nine points up, obviously, but having nine points, I feel like we can go there and get some points and be in good shape.”

Joey Logano – Finished 17th: “It’s not a good day for us. We were there at the start for a while, and it seemed that at one point, in the middle of the race, we were the fastest car on the track. We were in second place and trailing the leader and it was good. Caution came out and we got scratched and lost track position a bit. Not much. We put new tires on it and it just wasn’t good. The balance was closed without changing anything. I have no idea. We’re plus-40 in points, so that’s a decent spot to go to races. I wish we were first, but it is what it is.”

Tyler Reddick – Finished 35th: “The right rear tire blew as we have done a few times. At Fontana (Auto Club Speedway), I was able to save it. But here, it broke in the worst possible place and we just killed the wall. Broke the right front control arm so our day was done. We leave here without many points, so we will have to fight hard at Bristol (Motor Speedway).

Kevin Harvick – Finished 36th: “When those two cars (Bubba Wallace, Ross Chastain) came in front of me, we just got really tight. When I picked it up it grabbed and came loose. I just didn’t expect them to go up and my car to tighten up so much. It is what it is. We raced to win anyway today, so that’s what we’ll do again next week.”

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