These affordable gadgets solve all your travel problems

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Sit back, relax and enjoy your trip. (Source: iStock)

Travel is meant to be exciting and fun, but often, worries can pop up in all sorts of places — take the stress of juggling all your bags and making sure your cell phone is still in your pocket, for example. Luckily, we’ve found the top travel essentials to take all the stress out of traveling and make your life a little easier. Whether you’re getting ready for a family vacation or embarking on a business trip, let these handy gadgets help you on your journey.

A handy wall adapter

Charge anywhere with this truly universal adapter.  (Source: Amazon)

Charge anywhere with this truly universal adapter. (Source: Amazon)

$19.95 on Amazon

Never let a dead cell phone battery slow you down and keep your devices fully charged wherever you go with the Unidapt Universal Adapter. This travel essential has a built-in Smart Charge chip that automatically recognizes your electronic devices and provides the optimal power level for incredibly fast charging time. Plus, you can charge up to five devices simultaneously with a single outlet, so you can spend less time waiting and more time exploring. This international power adapter is compact and works for all European outlets.

Bring a comfortable travel pillow

Relax your neck in the softness of this memory foam pillow.  (Source: Amazon)

Relax your neck in the softness of this memory foam pillow. (Source: Amazon)

$9.99 $19.99 on Amazon

Make travel more luxurious with this ultra-soft, supportive neck pillow. Let the plush fabric and premium memory foam give you the comfortable support your head and neck need to relax, no matter where you are on your journey. What we love most is the removable pillow case that is also machine washable so you always have a fresh and clean place to rest your head.

Relax your legs

Bring that premium feel anywhere.  (Source: Amazon)

Bring that premium feel anywhere. (Source: Amazon)

$21.99 $29.99 on Amazon

One of the frustrations of air travel is how little legroom airplane seats offer, but with the Sleepy Ride Airplane Footrest, you can finally relax like you’re sitting in first class. This lightweight and compact design fits in your carry-on or you can carry it on its own with the handy drawstring carry bag — plus, it’s super easy to use. Simply hang the footrest straps on the tray table arms in front of you, slide your feet in and sit back and enjoy the rest of your flight.

If you’re a little skeptical about how this all works, take it from this pregnant Amazon shopper who, after a nine-hour flight, reported:It worked very well and was used a lot! Still in good condition and will use it again next time I fly. I was also worried this would bother the person in front of me, but it fits the food tray and didn’t seem to cause movement while I was driving around.”

Make transporting things through the airport a breeze

Gain an extra pair of hands when you travel.  (Source: Amazon)

Gain an extra pair of hands when you travel. (Source: Amazon)

$10.99 $14.99 on Amazon

Stop trying to juggle everything and take a break with this suitcase cup holder. It has three pockets so you can store your phone, your coffee and anything else you want. And it also features strong magic tape to secure drinks and prevent spills.

The premium oxford fabric it’s made from is machine washable and wear-resistant, so you can count on this little travel companion to stay durable for years to come.

Keep your belongings together

This handy strap makes it easy to carry an extra bag, jacket or pillow.  (Source: Amazon)

This handy strap makes it easy to carry an extra bag, jacket or pillow. (Source: Amazon)

$8.99 on Amazon

Struggling with a coat or sweatshirt at the airport? Tie it to your suitcase, backpack or purse with this jacket handle with luggage strap and never lose another sweater again. It features a durable carabiner clasp that clips right into your carry-on or travel bag, and an adjustable strap that holds tight to loose clothing or even water bottles.

This Amazon buyer gave this trip five out of five stars, saying: “I bought 2 straps to use for my trip. It was so worth it! It held my family’s light jackets and the travel neck pillow. We also used it to hold our water bottles on our hikes. I wish I knew this earlier!”

Make the journey as painless as possible

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, prepare for ease and comfort with these travel essentials that will help you enjoy every minute of your trip.

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