The Victorinox Swiss Army Serrated Bread Knife is sold on Amazon

Before baking and baking season begins, it would be wise to make sure your kitchen arsenal is looking sharp. If your old bread knife, for starters, has seen better days (or better decades), may inadvertently tear up your next great loaf. Thank it, discard it, and consider this top, top serrated gem: the Victorinox Swiss Army Serrated Bread Knife. It happens to be on mega-sale at Amazon for $31 (down from $59.50).

Don’t take our word for it. The good people at Good cleanliness named this 10 inch Victorinox Swiss Army Bread Knife the #1 Best Overall Bread Knife! “We love this Victorinox classic for its versatility,” they wrote last year, noting its ability to “see through hearty bread crusts and pretzels” and “slice paper-thin tomatoes and strawberries.”

Amazon shoppers, including professional chefs, agree! They’ve given the Victorinox serrated knife (now nearly 50% off) a stellar overall rating of 4.8 stars. So why is everyone saying this knife is so great?


The clever design is what makes this knife so versatile. The long, sharp, curved blade and even weight distribution work in tandem to make it easy to cut a variety of textures.

A seasoned pro gave it five stars and wrote: “Great knife. I’m a professional chef of 20 years. This is a great knife for bread (soft or crusty), tomatoes, even sliced ​​roasts. Don’t let the price fool you. These they are professional knives. I’ve owned everything from these to super high quality Japanese knives and even custom made ones. These are theirs in any commercial or home setting. These hold the edge well and sharpen easily. And yes, you can sharpen that jagged edge.”

Amazon has cut the price of this premium serrated bread knife in half! Now on sale for just $31, (Photo: Amazon)

Another professional chef said: “I tell everyone I know that this knife is a must have in any collection. It’s sharp, versatile and just keeps going. Even though I have a high quality set of professional knives, this knife will always be one of my favorites.As far as I’m concerned, it’s one of the best all around knives ever made…

“Awesome,” shouted one fan. “Everything about it is perfect. The blade is very sharp and thin and cuts through my thick yeasted bread crust like a charm.”

Nice slices

Buyers are impressed by how much easier it is to cut through hard stuff with this knife.

The sharp, tangle-free bread knife…is long and sharp enough to easily cut through bread and (my real motivation) homemade cookies,” wrote one appreciative buyer. “The handle has a nice upward angle, so your hand doesn’t hit a cutting board like you saw back and forth—perfect!” They added: “The handle is also light, so the blade and handle balance well together as you hold it. Good job, Victorinox.”

Another five-star fan wrote: “I use a bread knife every day. We had a smaller Cuisinart that took a lot of effort. This is perfect. It cuts through bread like butter. It’s big so it’s great for larger loaves, and the grip is comfortable too and generous. Solid.”

Beyond bread

Most buyers will happily reserve it for cutting board work, but some say the awesomeness transcends that role.

One fan said they use it for baking, “slicing meats, slicing vegetables, and it pretty much takes the place of my chef’s knife.” As if that wasn’t enough reason to drop $31, they added: “I work on a boat and also have one of these as an emergency rope knife (for cutting the rope in an emergency) and have used it many times when the boat it has passed us over some floating fishing line or old fishing nets. Very nice knife.”

Wow. So let’s cut to the chase and get to the point: Shoppers know this deal is the best thing since sliced ​​bread. It is a set steel. Now, chop, chop!

(Phew, it was getting hard to keep them in.)

If you have Amazon Prime, you’ll get free shipping, of course. Not a member yet? No problem. You can sign up for your free 30-day trial here. (And by the way, those without Prime still get free shipping on orders of $25 or more.)

The reviews listed above reflect the latest versions at the time of publication.

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