The King will meet MPs and peers in Parliament for the first time as a monarch

King Charles III is pictured leaving Buckingham Palace in London on September 11 – Neil Hall/Shutterstock

King Charles III will address MPs and counterparts in the Westminster Chamber of Parliament today as he accepts condolences from the House of Commons and the House of Lords.

The Speakers of both Houses of Parliament will address the King at 10am. and they will present official addresses of condolence on behalf of each House to which the King will then reply.

Members of the legislatures of Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales are also expected to attend.

The King will speak at the historic 11th-century building a decade after his mother did the same.

In 2012, Queen Elizabeth II addressed MPs and colleagues at the same location, on the occasion of her Diamond Jubilee.

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Tory MP: Parliament should sit after state funeral

Parliament should sit after Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral to tackle the cost of living crisis, a senior Tory MP has said, backing the current plan to return to Westminster in mid-October.

Sir John Redwood said “the current plan for a long break in the conference means a delayed return to October 17”, as he suggested MPs should discuss rising prices and energy problems before then.

Politics as usual has come to a standstill following the Queen’s death and the House of Commons is not currently in session, with all business adjourned.

The Queen’s state funeral is due to take place on Monday 19 September and there are currently no plans for Parliament to sit on any days during the rest of this week.

The Commons is due to be suspended to allow political party meetings to take place from Thursday 22 September, returning on Monday 17 October.

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“We’re going to see 10 times more of that”

The Queen’s stay at Westminster Hall is set to begin on Wednesday this week and will last until 6.30am. on the day of the funeral on Monday September 19th.

Parliament is preparing to be visited by tens of thousands of people.

Sir Peter Bottomley, the Tory MP and father of the House of Commons, said this morning that he believed up to two million people could visit.

Asked if parliamentary authorities could struggle to deal with the crowds, Sir Peter told the BBC: “It’s very difficult. Very difficult indeed for some of the people. Will they have portable wardrobes everywhere?

“When I was at St James’s a few days ago, the question people asked me was ‘where are the toilets?’ than what is happening”.

He added: “When the Queen Mother lay in state I think about 200,000 people passed. We’re going to see 10 times more than that.”

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“The Queen loved Scotland and Scotland loved the Queen”

Douglas Ross, the leader of the Scottish Tories, said that “the Queen loved Scotland and Scotland loved the Queen”.

Mr Ross said the strength of the connection between Scotland and the royal family was evident as people lined up to pay their respects as the Queen’s motorcade passed through the nation on Sunday.

Asked if the link still existed with the new King, Mr Ross told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “Yes, and I think particularly when the Accession Council points out that the new King has pledged his allegiance to support and protect the Church of Scotland. , the fact that the Royal Family is here today and there will be a service of thanksgiving at St Giles, and then in the Scottish Parliament we will pay tribute to the late Queen and also pledge our loyalty and support to the new King and providing that the support”.

He added: “The Queen loved Scotland and Scotland loved the Queen and I think we showed that yesterday.

“I think we will see that again today with the service of thanksgiving and I think it is a fitting tribute to the late Queen that Scotland can play that part in this early part of the national mourning.”

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Good morning and welcome to today’s political blog.

King Charles III will attend the Houses of Parliament this morning.

He is expected to visit the historic Westminster Hall at 10am, when he will be presented with words of condolence from the Speakers of both Houses of Parliament. The King will then make his own remarks.

I will be ready to guide you through the key developments.

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