Stephen Curry Says ‘Hell, Yeah’ Warriors Considered Durant Trade

Golden State Warriors - Brooklyn Nets

Golden State Warriors – Brooklyn Nets

Kevin Durant might not have wanted a reunion. The Brooklyn Nets may never have wanted to trade him anyway.

However, the Warriors have had serious internal discussions about bringing Durant back to the Bay Area where he was central to two Golden State titles, Stephen Curry told Rolling Stone’s Matt Sullivan. And Curry was on board with the idea.

“I was never hesitant. The idea of ​​playing with KD and knowing who he is as a person, from our history these three years, I think KD is a really good dude. I think it has been misunderstood. I think certain things happened in his life that hurt his ability to trust the people around him in the sense of making him feel safe at all times. So all this, I understand, having played with him and got to know him. I love this dude.

“And if you said, ‘Oh, KD’s coming back, and we’re going to play with him,’ I’ve had so much fun playing with him these three years, I’d be like, ‘Hell, yeah!’ Then you have to think: What does this really mean? What does he look like? … And if someone says you wouldn’t entertain this conversation — no disrespect to anyone on our team — but you don’t know how things work. But you also understand, like, if we put this thing back together, I have complete confidence in my team that we can win it again, the way it’s built.

“Well, all these things were true. And it started with wanting to play with KD at first. Yes, it’s about winning, about having fun, playing basketball. And that was part of the reaction, like, “Yeah, that would be amazing.” What does that actually mean?”

It would mean trading away depth and the future – the Warriors would have to send Andrew Wiggins (to balance salary), Jonathan Kuminga and another young player like James Wiseman or Moses Moody, plus several picks of first round draft pick and trades.

Warriors co-owner Joe Lacob has very publicly stated his desire to build a team that can win now with a core of Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green while still building toward the future with Jordan Poole, Kuminga, Moody and others. Trading Durant would mean giving up the future part of that equation and going all-in to win the next two seasons with the 34-year-old Durant.

Lacob and management may never have signed off on the trade, but those final steps proved questionable. It never got that far. By all accounts, the Warriors discussed the trade in depth internally, but they didn’t get very far down the road with the Nets.

Lacob’s “win now while building a bridge to the future” plan worked last season, and the The Warriors will get their championship rings on opening night. With little of their veteran depth (Otto Porter, Gary Payton II) this season, the Warriors will rely more on their young legs to help them through the regular season and into the playoffs. Once there, the Warriors threaten to repeat as champions.

They might even have to face Durant and the Nets if the Warriors return to the game’s biggest stage. Then we’ll all come back to these trade discussions again.

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