Carson Wentz holds himself accountable for costly mistakes as he receives the game ball

Wentz takes responsibility for costly mistakes as he admits game ball appeared first on NBC Sports Washington

Not only did Carson Wentz get a win in his first meaningful game as Washington’s manager, but he went home with a souvenir as well.

Ron Rivera presented Wentz with the ceremonial game ball, given after each win to a player who has shown outstanding effort and production, following a 28-22 win over Jacksonville in Week 1. Rivera gave a shout out to Wentz as he handed him the ball, noting that The quarterback has had to overcome his share of adversity to maintain his status as the NFL’s QB1.

“I have a special one that I want to give, so that everyone understands everything that he went through,” Rivera said in his team’s locker room after the game. “For everything he’s worked for, he deserved this [expletive] win.”

Wentz, 29, has been put through the ringer since his final game with the Indianapolis Colts last season, when Indianapolis was eliminated from the playoff race after a devastating Week 18 loss to the same Jaguars he faced Sunday. Many pundits pinned the loss on Wentz, and he even took the brunt of the blame from Colts ownership that had angrily reviewed Wentz’s tenure in Indianapolis several times this offseason.

But now, in the first game of what many called Wentz’s last chance to prove he’s worth the starting role, he overcame two costly interceptions to lead the Commanders’ offense to victory. His two late touchdown throws to Terry McLaurin and Jahan Dotson sealed the victory for the home team.

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Wentz acknowledged and took full responsibility for his two late, back-to-back cuts while receiving the match ball. He also noted all the crap he’s been through since last season.

“I know it’s been a wild offseason for me, for all of us, but we have so much [expletive] potential in this locker room,” Wentz told his teammates. “To come out and do what we did tonight — and I know it felt tough for a second. Passes with flying backs to the other team, that [expletive] it’s on me

“But that’s the way we finish and that’s what good teams do. You find a way to win. It’s not always going to be pretty in this league, but you find a way to dig deep and get it done in the end and that’s what we did tonight. Good job guys.”

Rivera noted Wentz’s empowering speech after the game on Monday as well. He was pleased that Wentz’s accountability energized his teammates.

“I think talking like that, I think his teammates hearing him take responsibility and ownership of his game, that was huge,” Rivera said. “So that’s important, not just for me and his teammates, but for him. I think that was huge.”

Team leaders are supposed to take responsibility for their mistakes, and that’s what the coaching staff had in mind when they made Wentz one of eight team leaders for this season. Washington hopes no costly mistakes will have to be recognized by this time next week as they face the Detroit Lions at home next Sunday.

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