Two others have been arrested in a drive-by shooting spree this spring in Spokane

Sept. 10 — Two more people were arrested this week in connection with the spate of shootings that left a woman paralyzed this spring in Spokane.

Zachary D. Seeton, 23, was charged with two counts of drive-by shooting and one count of first-degree assault. Seaton made his first court appearance on Wednesday.

A Spokane police news release said a boy, whose name was not released because he is a juvenile, faces the same charges.

Additional charges are pending, and detectives have developed information suggesting Seaton and the boy may be involved in other shootings.

Gregory T. Lynch, 20, was arrested in early May on suspicion of shooting and vehicular assault shortly after the shootings.

Three shootings occurred on the evening of May 2 and another the following evening.

On May 24, police allege Seaton got into an argument, pulled out a firearm and was arrested for the shooting, according to court documents.

The Washington State Patrol Crime Lab identified the shells fired on May 24 at each of the shooting scenes since May 2, according to documents. The crime lab said two firearms, including Seaton’s gun, were used during the three shootings based on shell casing marks.

A witness told police Seaton was at a residence with Lynch and two boys shortly before the May 2 shooting. Seaton “pointed” a black handgun, the witness said.

According to documents, the first shooting occurred shortly after 10:30 p.m. on May 2 at Dalton Avenue and Helena Street in northeast Spokane. Surveillance video from a resident appears to show a dark SUV shooting at another dark SUV. Three 9 mm shells were found at the intersection. A parked vehicle was hit by gunfire.

About 35 minutes later, multiple residents and video surveillance reported shots fired from a dark-colored SUV in the 1900 block of West Knox Avenue, according to court documents. A parked vehicle with no occupants was struck multiple times. 18 9mm shell casings were found on the road.

About 30 minutes later, at 11:45 p.m., a shooting was reported in the 1800 block of East Dalton Avenue, two blocks from the first shooting, documents state.

A witness told police that Lynch sent a Facebook message two hours before the shooting asking for the witness’s location. The witness said in the documents that he did not respond.

There was a knock on the door and the witness, who wasn’t expecting anyone, asked who was there, court records state. The man outside the door asked if the witness was inside before opening fire on the residence.

Daisy Brough was struck by a bullet and paralyzed from the chest down, documents state. Brough’s infant daughter was sleeping in the living room next to where she was shot. 18 9mm shell casings were also found at the scene.

Another shooting was reported May 3 in the area of ​​Liberty Avenue and Madelia Street — the same neighborhood as the Dalton shooting the night before.

A witness told police a bullet came through a newer white SUV and struck the witness’s vehicle. The SUV drove past his location as if chasing another vehicle, the witness said.

A black SUV crashed onto a sidewalk two blocks away at Dalton and Perry Street, according to court records. The vehicle, a 2012 Nissan Rogue, was registered to Lynch.

The driver and passenger of the Nissan ran and the passenger was arrested, documents state. The passenger told police that Lynch was the driver. A detective found 9mm shell casings in the car.

Lynch, who has three felony convictions for assault, was arrested May 4 at an apartment in the West Central Neighborhood.

Lynch told police he was not involved in the shooting, but later said a third person in his vehicle fired from it. He eventually said he fired from his vehicle at a white SUV that was firing at him. Police said in documents that it appears Lynch’s vehicle was shot at.

Seeton told police he bought the handgun seized after the May 24 fight and wouldn’t let anyone else use it. Seeton said he was extremely drunk on the night of May 2 and doesn’t remember what happened. He said someone could have taken the gun from him without his knowledge.

Seaton remained in jail Friday on $750,000 bail. He is scheduled for trial on Sept. 20 before Superior Court Judge Tony Hazell.

Lynch was charged with four counts of drive-by shooting, first-degree assault and second-degree unlawful possession of a firearm. Lynch remained in jail Friday on $800,000 bail and is scheduled for an Oct. 10 arraignment in Hazell.

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