Who knew you could get Drew Barrymore’s gorgeous air fryer for just $89?

Guilt-free deliciousness is the most elusive of food experiences. No wonder the world has become enamored with deep fryers – all the flavor with just a fraction of the fat! But they’re not the nicest kitchen gadgets to leave out on the counter. And we all know that out of sight means out of mind, which isn’t helpful when you’re trying to eat better. Thanks to Drew Barrymore, you no longer have to choose between being healthy and looking good. Her beautiful 6-quart touchscreen air fryer promises to make all your Southern deep-frying dreams come true — and you’ll be glad you did. Right now, you can get one for just $89.

The Beautiful 6 Quart Touchscreen Air Fryer — which sold out in 24 hours when it launched and is harder to keep in stock than a PS5 — is finally back! It’s part of Barrymore’s new line of small appliances — aptly named Beautiful Kitchenware — that includes over 60 products, and almost everything is under $100.

Even the fryer’s hottest colors, sage green and white glaze, have been revamped. Don’t let this gem sit in your cart for too long, lest history repeat itself.

Try not to get confused as to why she’s leaving that carafe to cool on the counter and snap up some of these beautiful appliances. (Photo: Walmart)

The Hollywood superstar has long had his eye on the sleek, maximalist design. Two years ago she took her first step to share it with the world, launching the Drew Barrymore Flower Home interior line, sold exclusively at Walmart. With the Beautiful Kitchenware line, also sold only at Walmart, she decided to narrow her focus to the room that can always use an upgrade: the kitchen.

Drew took a particular interest in small appliances—coffee makers, toasters, kettles—you know, the things you don’t really think about color matching until it’s too late and your kitchen is a mess of tones and materials. And, of course, super cute air fryers that double as counter decor.

Strong and beautiful

Don’t underestimate the Beautiful 6 Quart Touch Air Fryer — equipped with 1,700+ Watts, it heats up to 400 degrees. Air fry, dehydrate, reheat and more, all at the touch of a button. In addition, it can cook two kilos of french fries or five kilos of wings in one go.

Never used an air fryer? It’s a must have for any health conscious cook. The magic is in the way the device circulates very hot air throughout the basket, cooking and frying everything inside, while using much less oil than traditional frying methods. The result? Delicious fries, wings, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts — you name it! — with over 88% less fat and 65% fewer calories.

Feast your eyes on this one!  (Photo: Walmart)

Crunch makes snacking enjoyable. this baby does it guilt free. (Photo: Walmart)

Dinner timesimplified

It’s also easy to clean: Just put the tray and fry in the dishwasher.

“First, the packaging is beautiful and quite luxurious, it makes you feel really good about your purchase right away,” said one buyer. “I made sweet potato fries last night, they were delicious and such a great alternative to baking them in the oven. Very pleased!”

Another added: “I love this air fryer! I can’t say enough great things about it! I love that it’s so easy to use! The touch screen is so great! It works so fast and cooks great!”

How great is this sage?  (Photo: Walmart)

Alas, there are no Parsley, Rosemary, or Thyme models, but how great is that Sage? (Photo: Walmart)

The Beautiful 6 Quart Touch Air Fryer is so easy, fun, and safe to use that even kids navigate it: “My household absolutely loves this air fryer. It’s just what we needed. I never thought I wanted one until I I got it and I’m so glad I did. The best part is that the kids can use it without worrying about anything burning.”

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