If you’ve been looking for a sign to adopt a kitten, this is it – these automatic feeders are nearly 50% off

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After adopting your new feline friend, you’ll need some of these grooming essentials. (Source: iStock)

There are so many wonderful reasons to adopt a kitten. Aside from the cuteness factor, these companions actually help our mental health. Owning a cat can reduce stress and anxiety and bring unconditional love and companionship into our lives. Shelters are full of sweet little kittens looking for a home. With so many kittens available this time of year, you can easily find the perfect match.

As you embark on this adventure of pet parenthood, you’ll want to stock your home with some supplies to make your kitty feel welcome and comfortable. Whether you’re adopting an older, calmer cat or a crazy kitten, you’ll want this fountain and automatic cat feeder as you prepare to give the gift of home to your new feline friend. Keep reading to learn more about their great features.

Make sure you grab both of these must-haves from the cat parents

Cat Fountain (Source: Amazon)

A quad-filter fountain encourages your cat to drink more water (Source: Amazon)

$18.99 $25.99 on Amazon

You can ensure that your cat always has plenty of fresh, running water with this cat fountain. If you’ve ever noticed your cat begging for water from the sink when it has a perfect bowl of water to itself, you need to check out this fountain. Some cats simply prefer to have a running water source instead of standing water. Additionally, by having more than one water source (a bowl and a fountain), you can encourage your cat to drink more water and stay hydrated without any extra effort on your part.

This cat fountain is equipped with a quadruple filtration system, making sure that your cat only drinks healthy water when drinking from this fountain. The water flow is also adjustable to suit your finicky cat’s preferences.

This automatic cat feeder makes it easy to feed your kitty according to her strict feeding schedule.  (Source: Amazon)

This automatic cat feeder makes it easy to feed your kitty according to her strict feeding schedule. (Source: Amazon)

$39.79 $79.99 on Amazon

Is your kitty a little motivated by food? Are they constantly begging you to feed them as early as possible? You can easily solve these problems with this automatic cat feeder. It’s fully programmable so it can do the hard work of feeding your skilled feline at 5am without you having to get out of bed. It’s both cord and battery powered, so you can be sure your cat will be fed even if the power goes out.

By far, one of the coolest things about this product is how you can record your own voice calling your kitty for a meal, making sure he runs for his kibble.

These two basics will make your time with your new kitten much easier. Even when traveling, you can be sure that they will always have enough water and that they will always be fed on time. But be sure to grab these “partial” deals before they expire.

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