What KC Chiefs’ Frank Clark said about his illness keeping him out of practice

Kansas City Chiefs defensive end Frank Clark, who has been sidelined in the past with a stomach ailment, has missed several practices in recent weeks with the team saying he was ill.

So how concerned is he that his latest health issues will linger into the 2022 regular season?

“Not at all,” Clark said with a smile Friday, speaking in the locker room after a limited practice with the team.

Clark said what he experienced in recent weeks was different. First, he said he had COVID a week ago, which kept him out of practice. After that, he had a full workout on Wednesday where he “felt good” but then experienced some dehydration later in the day.

“I didn’t have all the fluids and stuff in me. Just a precaution,” Clark said. “They told me, ‘Make sure you take Thursday off.’ This is the day of our run, the big third day. So they say, “Take Thursday off and make sure you come back on Friday.” As you saw, I’m back.”

Clark also said that this summer has been uncomfortable for him. He said it was the first time since his final season with the Seattle Seahawks in 2018 that he had gone through an entire training camp, making it a “long camp, long season.”

He says he expects to be full for Sunday’s opener in Arizona, as the The team also did not give him a game status designation the manufacture.

“More than ready. It seems like it’s been forever since that last game,” Clarke said. “The last game we played left a sour taste in our mouths, man. The Cincinnati Bengals blew us away. It’s just going to feel good to be able to get out there regular season, start of new season, regular season, the COVID stuff is out, all that stuff is out. We can go back to playing normal football and having a normal dressing room and just enjoying it.”

Clark also spoke Friday about the resolution of his gun case in Los Angeles this week. On Wednesday, he pleaded no contest to two counts of misdemeanor possession of an assault weapon and was sentenced to a year of “informal probation” with 40 hours of community service.

He described having the issue behind him as a “huge relief”.

“Like I said before, you make a mistake, it’s about how you stand up and being a stand-up guy about it — not about ifs, ands or buts. It’s about being a stand-up guy and doing it right, and that’s what I did,” Clark said. “Let the system play how it’s going to play, like I’ve always said, and it worked out in my favor, thank God. Just thankful we’re moving on now.”

Clark could be subject to action under the NFL’s personal conduct policy. An NFL spokesman, when asked about Clark’s condition on Friday, told the Star, “We are monitoring developments on the matter which remains under review.”

On Friday, Clark was asked if he was confident the matter would be behind him as it pertained to the league.

“At the end of the day, I haven’t been in the NFL yet, so I can’t be sure of anything. This will happen by itself. I can’t think of that. I can’t control any of that,” Clark said. “I’ve done my part in everything I can control and I’ve made it to this point. Whatever happens in the future, this must happen.”

Clark said he was looking forward to keeping his focus longer on the court after the case was resolved. This also comes after an offseason where he lost weight and gave up alcohol to get in better shape.

“I wasn’t as focused as I should have been last year, as I said before. There are a lot of things I could have done a lot better, but I had a lot (things) on my mind,” Clark said. “I’ve been through a lot, you know what I mean? And that happened. This is normal. This is human nature.

“But, as I said, it’s past me now. So from this point on, I’m able to focus on football, my teammates and being the best teammate I can be.”

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