Trump sons to share a stage with racist-joke candidate Guv

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He’s a disbarred lawyer, a former DJ who lost his job because of racist jokes, and is facing a lawsuit from a political campaign consultant.

But when Kentucky gubernatorial candidate Eric Deters takes the stage this weekend at the right-wing “Freedom Fest,” he’ll be joined by two prominent voices in the MAGA movement: Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump.

The decision to have former President Donald Trump’s two oldest sons headline the event is even more curious for another reason: Trump actually endorsed Dieters’ opponent earlier this year in the gubernatorial race, Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron.

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Eric Trump, who he was addressing on Thursday, told the Daily Beast that he wasn’t endorsing Deters himself so much as he was just enjoying a far-right pandering.

“This is not an endorsement – this is an incredible event, in an incredible situation, and I’m honored to take the stage on behalf of my father and the entire Make America Great Again movement!” he said in a statement.

Last year on Sept. 11, Deters held the same event at his 138-acre Kentucky farm south of Cincinnati, Ohio. Thousands of MAGA loyalists—including a section of the anti-democratic, Euro-superarchist violent Proud Boys—showed up to wave American flags and protest vaccine mandates.

This year, the Trumps will be joined by anti-vaxxer influencer Candace Owens and Seth Dillon, who runs the liberal trolling website The Babylon Bee. After the fireworks, Deters plans to screen Dinesh D’Souza’s 2020 election documentary, “2000 Mules.” Former Fox News anchor and current fiancée of Don Jr., Kimberly Guilfoyle, who is also scheduled to speak this weekend, he tweeted out a brochure about the festival.

“Morningview, Kentucky, you won’t want to miss this event!” she wrote “We will SAVE AMERICA! I hope to see many of you there. 🇺🇸.”

According to the brochure, this year’s event is sponsored by four entities—though that list includes Deters, his law firm and his own media company. The fourth is a Wyoming energy company created by Kentucky businessmen, one of whom is a disgraced local judge who resigned from the bench in 2003 after being reported to the state’s judicial ethics commission for allegedly abusing power and coercing a woman into sex. with him while the custody case of her child was pending before him.

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Meanwhile, Deters has his own legal troubles. The self-proclaimed “legal outlaw” is a “retired” attorney who still runs a law firm even though Kentucky has suspended his law license at least twice and Ohio last year fined him $6,500 for giving legal advice. Despite the crystal order to stop practicing law, Deters told the Kentucky Bar Association in writing, “I will always practice law” and “Nobody can stop me from doing that.” Earlier this summer, he he tweeted took out an ad for his law firm with the disclaimer that he “runs” it but remains “retired.”

He’s also a disgraced AM radio host who was fired from his job in 2011 after making racist comments on video. Station 700 WLW fired him from what it called a “weekend and substitute anchor” role after someone posted a video of Deters saying on camera, “I just want you to know that I understand Black culture. If you want to conquer an African nation, send white women and pot!’ He later apologized for the remark and discussed the matter with the NAACP.

Dieters volunteered for Trump’s 2016 campaign in Kentucky, where he at one point angered campaign leadership by telling a local newspaper that a rally was canceled when it wasn’t.

This year, when Deters tried to kick off his Kentucky gubernatorial campaign by doing what is customary in the Republican party: Making an obligatory trip to Trump’s oceanfront estate in South Florida to dive in front of the former president and try to grab the coveted political acceptance.

Did not work.

A federal lawsuit filed by GOP political operative Corey Lewandowski describes what happened. He and Deters met at an expensive fundraiser on Feb. 23 at Mar-a-Lago, where guests were charged $100,000 to attend. Lewandowski claimed, “Deters paid to attend this event in hopes of getting former President Donald Trump’s endorsement of Donald Trump’s campaign for Kentucky Governor,” and while at the party, he began chatting with the longtime Trump adviser who was instrumental in the presidential candidate’s meteoric rise in 2016.

Hiring Lewandowski seemed like the winning ticket. In court documents, Lewandowski says he agreed to become a political consultant to Deters after the candidate demonstrated that he is “a well-respected Kentucky attorney” who “was independently wealthy” and “had more than $5,000,000 in the bank.” But within a few months, Deters was behind on the $17,500 monthly bill.

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Things got infinitely worse when Deters ran his mouth again, succeeding in angering Trump for a second time — this time escalating the former president’s feud with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY).

Deters paid another $75,000 to attend a Trump event in the Kentucky Derby on May 7, where “attendees were told in advance that it would be inappropriate to post photos from the event and to discuss with the media any alleged statements that former President Trump became for Sen. Mitch McConnell,” Lewandowski’s lawsuit states. After the incident, Deters immediately sought to capitalize on his brief moment with the former president, boasting to the Louisville Courier Journal that he and Trump shared a common hatred of McConnell, telling a reporter that Trump had called the senator since Kentucky “unfortunate”.

Lewandowski claimed he was forced to inform Deters that “his behavior at the Derby event, and his comments to the media following it, would likely be viewed as disloyalty to former President Trump.”

The following month, Trump endorsed the Kentucky AG for governor. Lewandowski claims he dropped Deters as a client in June, only to sue him in August for unpaid work.

Deters told reporters he now plans to run for governor as an independent. He did not respond to an email seeking clarification on whether he sees the Trump brothers’ appearance this weekend as tacit support.

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