He taught me “the necessity of a relationship with God”

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Broadimage/Shutterstock (3786010a) Shia LaBeouf and Shayna Saide Shia LaBeouf and mother Shayna Saide out and about Los Angeles, USA – June 01, 2014


Shia LaBeouf’s mother has died, the actor has revealed.

LaBeouf, 36, said in an email interview The Hollywood Reporter posted on Thursday that his mother died on August 27 at the age of 80.

The actor was with his mother, Shayna Saide, when he died of heart failure at a Los Angeles hospital, according to the agency.

Speaking about his mother’s legacy, he said she was loved by many and “known to very few”. LaBeouf said Saide was nervous at the hospital and asked the doctors a lot of questions.

“She was frantic,” she said. “She was deeply interested in God and spirituality all her life, but she didn’t know him. Hence her last moments.”

The actor — who previously said in 2014 that he “became a Christian” while filming the 2014 war film Mania — has now adopted Catholicism in his life.

“Her greatest gift to me was to promote, as she was dying, the necessity of a relationship with God,” he wrote in THR. “Not an interest, not just a belief, but a relationship based on evidence as tangible as a hug. Her last gift to me was the ultimate persuasion of faith. She was a good girl.”

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LaBeouf, whose mother is Jewish and who previously had a bar mitzvah as well as a baptism, studied Catholicism as he prepared for his upcoming film, Padre Piofor the Catholic saint of the same name.

“It was seeing other people who have sinned beyond anything I could imagine being in Christ that made me feel like, ‘Oh, this gives me hope,'” LaBeouf said in a recent conversation with Bishop Robert Barron’s Word on Fire Catholic Ministries about religion. “I started hearing experiences of other corrupt people who had found their way – into it – and it made me feel like I had a license.”

In an episode of Jon Bernthal’s buddy Really podcast, the actor said that portraying his father Jeffrey Craig LaBeouf as abusive in his 2019 scripted debut Honey boy it was “nonsense” as he set out to make amends with the people he wronged.

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“Here’s a man I’ve reviled on a grand scale,” LaBeouf said after playing a version of his father in the film, in which the character was named James Lort.

LaBeouf wrote the screenplay for Honey boy during a previous treatment program. The star recently revealed that he is 627 days sober after seeking treatment again in 2020 following allegations of abuse from his ex FKA Twigs, who he began dating when they starred in the film together.

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LaBeouf previously spoke about his parents’ reaction to the film during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

“Yeah, my mom, my dad, they’ve seen it,” LaBeouf said in 2019. “It was hard for them to watch. But I think also, they can distance themselves from it. I mean really, more as much as they care about this movie—they care about their kid, you know?’

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