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These cult favorites will soon become your favorites too. (Photos: HSN)

Sometimes you come across a product that makes you think, “Why didn’t I think of that?!” And in my work, this happens very. These ten goodies (all under $25, by the way) will save you time, encourage you to stay organized, boost your beauty routine, and make your everyday life a little more fun. I mean, who wouldn’t love a whale-shaped tea infuser?

Read on for some of the best cult finds on HSN under $25. But don’t say I didn’t warn you: You might be tempted to hit “add to cart” on almost everything.

And if you don’t want to pay everything in one go, choose Easy Pay installments for each item Instead. Plus, if you’re a first-time HSN buyer, you can earn an extra $20 off your purchase of $40 or more with code HSN2022. Win, win, win!

1. Improve circulation and reduce pain

Whether you’re kicking, traveling or recovering from a workout, you can benefit from a pair of compression socks. The positives are endless: They’ll boost circulation in your legs, help reduce pain and swelling, and even support your veins. Frequent travelers swear by them for long plane rides.

Tommie Copper socks specifically target the arch and heel, helping to relieve aches and pains and aid in muscle recovery (say, after a hard workout). In addition, the socks have grips to prevent slipping when walking around barefoot.

2. For eyebrows that wow

Beloved beauty brand Benefit is known for products that help highlight the eye area. Along with luxurious lashes, they also have you covered in the brow department. With the recent trend for fuller brows and understanding that some of us may still be recovering from over-tweezing at the start of the decade, this Gimme Brow+ Tinted Volumizing Gelebrow Gel offers an easy solution.

The gel is infused with tiny microfibers that adhere to the skin and existing hair to create a fuller look and can be layered for extra volume. Choose from four shades to find the one that suits you and go from brow to wow in an instant. This set comes with a full-sized tube and a travel-sized brow gel, so you’ll never be without a fix.

3. Get a handle

Use as carpet tape to prevent slipping on smooth surfaces or to hang holiday decorations from various surfaces. One happy customer says she was able to hang her heavy wooden Christmas decorations from her brick exterior without a problem: “I was using extra tape and after being out there for the whole 5 week Christmas period I had to pry them off with a hammer. I have shared it with my neighbors and they love it. Now I’m buying more!”

Another happy buyer reports, “This is amazing. I can think of places I can use it. My son has a phone case that was attached to the windshield and it keeps falling off. Well, not anymore.”

And a third offers a helpful tip: “Just remember, if you want to remove it, don’t just pull or pull it, you have to twist it!”

4. Use diamonds in the kitchen

Slice an abundance of produce with the help of this stylish set. The trio comes with a chef’s knife, Santoku knife and paring knife for all your kitchen needs — plus protective cases for each. The unique textured blade allows air to flow between the metal and what you are cutting so it slides easily off the blade. No more sticky onions here!

One user shares, “I now have 2 sets of these knives, along with other sets. They sharpen nicely and hold their sharpness pretty well…they cut very thin and won’t break. I use mine sometime DAILY, and I’m very happy with quality, durability and price.”

5. Maximize your moisturizer

This beauty booster will not only help you apply your favorite moisturizer and serum, but it will also ensure that a bottle lasts as long as possible and gives you maximum results. When you apply creams and oils using your hands, the solution can be absorbed there before it all reaches your face. So while your hands may look as youthful as ever, this Vanity Planet Outlines Serum Enhancer will help match your face.

You can also use it to apply cleanser to your face. Move the massage head in a circular, upward motion for best results. A customer shares, “I’m so glad I found this tool to add to my skincare collection. I feel like it really helps with my moisturizer and makes my face feel so soft. It feels like a mini massage on my face . I love it!” And this user seals the deal, saying, “This little guy is a game changer. I was honestly skeptical that it would be any better than using my fingers to apply my serums. I was wrong. After just a week I started to I notice a difference in my skin’s appearance, texture and fine lines. I would highly recommend it to anyone of any age!”

6. Make sure you always have power

Do you know how frustrating it can be when your remote control dies just when you want to turn on your favorite show? And it becomes doubly frustrating when you can’t find a working battery anywhere in the house. Yes, we’ve all been there. This Battery Pro Organizer and Tester will help you change all that. First, you’ll know exactly where to look when you find yourself in need of power. And then, if you’re not sure whether the battery is dead or the component you’re activating is faulty, use the connected tester to easily find the answer.

Choose from five case colors to hold up to 100 batteries. The package even comes with wall anchors and screws so you can hang it for super easy access. Turn it on!

7. Have a whale of a time with your tea

Fill the whale’s body with your favorite tea leaves and pour it into a mug of hot water. The silicone is heat safe, so the little one will be just fine no matter how scalding you like your brew. When you’re done slurping, just pull the spray of “water” coming from its spout to free Willy (sorry, had to) and start enjoying your mug.

This Fred and Friends Brew Whale Tea Infuser will make overnight guests laugh and give you a jolt of joy when you might also be looking for a jolt of caffeine.

8. Flaunt flawless skin

This discreet precision hair removal tool works wonders on the upper lip, chin and cheeks. It’s super gentle (I use it regularly and I don’t get irritation like I get from other products) and it has a light to illuminate every strand you want to cut. Turn it on, place it on your skin and move it in a circular motion. Empty the mini canister and you will be amazed. Plus, it helps create an ultra-smooth canvas for your makeup routine and can minimize cake.

There’s also a Flawless Touch for brows, with a more tapered head that you can use to virtually erase all unwanted hair between and around your brows. One happy customer sums it up nicely: “No pain, no pulling, no cuts.”

9. Treat chapped lips

The BlushLips double-sided lip exfoliating brush is made of textured silicone (one side is thinner than the other) to slough away dead skin and leave behind kissable smooth lips.

One user shares that it’s a simple idea that leads to dramatic results: “[My lips] it would peel and sometimes bleed despite using top-notch moisturizers. I use it once a day after brushing my teeth and have seen a big improvement in the integrity of the skin on my lips. It helps make the moisturizers I use more effective.”

10. Cool and ignite

Most indoor spaces have fans and lighting to keep them comfortable and lit, so why not bring these features outdoors? Whether you’re using this 2-in-1 light and fan in a tent while camping or in the garage as you perch, it’s sure to do the trick. And if you don’t want both functions to be active at the same time, they can be used independently.

This LED fan light features a collapsible hanging hook and swivel head so you can light up and cool down at any angle you want. This cool tool will definitely come in handy as the weather continues to warm up.

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