El Sevilla FC gives a ‘Giro’ of 180 points

London, September 9 (EFE).- This summer, Sevilla changed its sponsor and online investment platform. Degiro es la que luce en las lasticas de los hispalenses An agreement that seeks to expand the international projection of the brand by connecting with the successes of Sevilla and that has previous experience and the support of having already sponsored Borussia Monchengladbach in Germany.

Muhamad Chahrour, the representative of Degiro, will join EFE Sport Business desde Sevilla to facilitate las razones de por qué escogieron al Sevilla y no a otro equipo de la Liga. Confían en el equipo de Julen Lopetegui, que esta semana vive tiempos convulsos.

View: ¿Qué buscan con este patrocinio con el Sevilla?

Answer: We are one of the major platforms ‘brokers’ online and of the ones that most are growing, por lo que siempre estamos buscando opportunidades para seguir en esta línea. We have been in the market for more than two decades, in Germany, Holland, Austria, several European countries, and also in Spain, an area that we have consolidated as our third most important market. Tenemos unos 250,000 customers. Estas cifras nos llevan a pensar cómo podemos acelerar nuestro crecimiento y nuestro desarrollo y ya hemos tenido buenas experiencias en el pasado, en Alemania con el Borussia Monchengladbach, por lo que consideration of extension estos patrocinios a ot.

We thought what would be the right partner for a market like the Spanish one, the response was very rapid, because there are not many clubs that can associate as easily with us as Sevilla did. It is a historical club, with tradition, that houses well with our values, with the pies in the earth… It has a base of aficionados that we like, and we support, and it has a contrasted success in Europe. Este es uno de los puntos clave, por un lado nos va ayudar a la projection en España, al disputar la Liga, pero con el tremendo eschito que han tenido en Europa en los ultimos 15 años, también van ayudar nos.

P: ¿Cuándo empezaron pensar en sponsorar un equipo español?

A: At the beginning of 2022 we started thinking about new ideas and strategies for our markets to grow. In Germany, we were already with Borussia Monchengladbach, so we thought about which markets offer us similar opportunities. Alemania was covered, in Austria the sporting patronage was not going to have the same impact, in Holland we are leaders, so we are centered in Spain and France. As it was the fastest growing market, we thought that Spain is the right place for us.

Q: What would happen with the patronage if Sevilla does not qualify for Europe?

R: No desvelamos muchas cosas de nuestros contratos. The contracts always have different dimensions, one of them is commercial success. For us the most important point is to develop our brand in the Spanish market. Nadie tiene dudas de que el Sevilla va a seguir jugando en la Liga, con un papel importante. Nor do we have any doubts that Sevilla will qualify for the European competition next year. First we will enjoy this season and then we will evaluate with the club how we can continue with this patronage.

Q: What is the duration of the contract and what investment has been made in it?

R: No desvelamos nada del contrato. Preferimos que se quede de puertas para dentro y que solo lo sepan las partes involucradas. We believe that it is better.

P: The competition to sponsor soccer teams is greater than ever.

R: Yes, no, it’s simple, but here I have to quit my hat before Sevilla, because I didn’t decide to choose a quick option that gave me a lot of money, I also wanted to focus on the values ​​I experienced in Lamarca. Esos puntos son más claves que solo el pure dinero. We have seen in the last few years many companies that wanted to advertise at all costs and that have put seven, eight, nine figures to achieve it and now there are teams, por ejemplo in Italy, that are suffering paparacinadores.

Manuel Sánchez Gómez

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