otra industria pide un tipo de cambio differential

After the measure for soy, the citrus industry also asks for a special exchange rate – Credits: @Gza. Ledesma

After the official measure that established a special exchange rate of $200 for soy, and that on Monday motivated the wine sector to ask for a “malbec dollar”, this afternoon the complaint of the citrus industry was added.

The Federación Argentina del Citrus (Federcitrus) solicited the Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa“eliminate the rights of export to fresh citrus fruits, and fresh fruits in general, and to the agroindustrial derivatives of the same, since we firmly believe that intensive production activities should not be recorded”.

According to the letter, which bears the signature of the president of the entity, José FF Carbonellthe measure is urgent for the sector, given the actual macroeconomic context. “Eliminating the redundant export rights in a recovery of the competitiveness of these products in moments when the commercialization in the global market is complex due to the economic and health situation, which has not improved the serious logistics through the delays and the increase incalculable en el tema de los fletes marítimo”insured.

In addition, the letter enumerates a series of official measures that, prior to the exchange crisis that erupted last July, were affecting the industry and were not reversed. Entre ellas, destacaron el Decree N°1060/2020 que modificó las alícuotas de los derechos de exportación para la cadena citrícola nacional, por el que advirtieron, en su momento, que había derivados industriales que fueron tomados en cuenta, como la cascara deshidratada, que quedó con un derecho de exporta del 12%.

“The Minister committed to revise the opening of this tariff position to specifically distinguish dehydrated citrus peels from the other products that classify in this position and, as such, to be able to trade them.” Sin embargo, no overcorrections.

Ademas, las authorities of Federcitrus question the Decree N° 852/2021, en el que no se incluyó la cáscara dehydratada de citrus, ya sea por error u misión. According to this provision, it was sought to “exploit the potential of regional economies, such as the citrus chain, in terms of growth in investments, production and exports, which in turn generate employment in the North Argentine economy”.

“Parecido recorrido han tenido los derechos de exportação de los aceites esenciales de frutas citricas, que hoy conservan un derecho de exportação del 3%. In fact, the fundamental importance la posición del aceite essencial de limón, que castiga a una industria hoy en situación sumamente complicato. And, in parallel, it follows that exportation rights are imposed on the rest of the essential oils (orange, mandarin and grapefruit), when the competitive situation of the same in the markets is critical”, the plea affirms.

In conclusion: “We request that the tariff situation of these cited positions be addressed and the right of export be eliminated, in line with the rest of the agroindustrial products of the activity. The profitability of the chain largely depends on it”.

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