House of the Dragon fans think they’ve found the next Game of Thrones coffee blunder

Game of Thrones he had his coffee-gate cup. House of the Dragon he has Viserys fingers.

Fans of the Westeros fantasy series believe they have found an editing error in its episode 3 House of the Dragon this is like a major throwback to the coffee cup situation in the original series.

In the scene from “Second of His Name,” where King Viserys Targaryen (Paddy Considine) has a private conversation with his daughter, Rhaenyra (Milly Alcock), he first gives a letter to one of his foot soldiers for delivery. Two of his fingers are covered by a partially green glove.

House of the Dragon

Ollie Upton/HBO Viserys Targaryen (Paddy Considine) in “House of the Dragon”

Viserys was cut on the Iron Throne in episode 1 and the wound has been festering ever since. By the time we get to episode 3, it has spread to two of his fingers. Supposedly the green screen gauntlet was to help producers in post-production mimic this effect through VFX. But the glove is briefly seen in the final cut of the episode.

House of the Dragon episode 3 bug

House of the Dragon episode 3 bug

HBO ‘Game of Thrones’ fans think they’ve found the equivalent of ‘House of the Dragon’ coffee cup mistake

Never Game of Thrones was on air in 2019, fans similarly noticed a lone cup of coffee sitting on a medieval table by Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) in Season 8, Episode 4.

“Here’s the truth,” Clarke told Jimmy Fallon The Tonight Show in 2019. “We did like a pre-Emmy party recently, and Conleth [Hill], who plays Varys, who is sitting next to me in that scene, pulls me aside and says, “Emilia, I have to tell you something. I have to tell you something, my love. The coffee cup was mine!’ It was his! It was Conleth’s cup of coffee. He said it”.

Gaffa Game of Thrones coffee cup

Gaffa Game of Thrones coffee cup

HBO A scene from the ‘Game of Thrones’ episode ‘The Last of the Starks’ (Season 8, Episode 4) is marred by an indifferent cup of coffee

DB Weiss, the executive producer Game of Thrones with David Benioff, addressed the issue in James Hibberd’s book Fire cannot kill a dragon.

“I’ve seen that shot a thousand times, and we always look at their faces or the way the shot sat with the shots on either side of it,” Weiss said. “I felt like we were the participants in a psychology experiment, like when you don’t see the gorillas running in the background because you’re counting the basketballs. Every production that’s ever been has had stuff like that. You can see a crew member in Braveheart; there’s an actor who wears a wristwatch in Spartacus. But now people can rewind things and everyone’s talking to each other in real time. So one person saw the coffee cup, turned it around, and then everyone did.”

Those watching House of the Dragon were quick to point out the perceived mistake with Viserys’ fingers after the episode aired Sunday on HBO. Some are sharing images and videos from the scene on social media.

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