Get the “best coffee” you’ve ever had with this viral espresso maker hack

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Now you can get delicious, high-quality coffee at home thanks to the French TikTok hack. (Source: iStock)

You know you’re a serious espresso lover when you can’t function well without a few shots first thing in the morning. But what if you need a caffeine boost very early in the morning and there are no coffee shops open? Also, you may not have access to those fancy espresso machines. In an ideal world, your coffee nirvana is always close at hand and won’t drain your bank account dry.

Coffee lovers and baristas on TikTok have made it easy to get that espresso buzz without the expensive machines. This clever homemade espresso hack can help boost your energy 24/7 and save you hundreds of dollars over time.

Coffee and food expert Hailee Catalano (@CafeHailee on TikTok) recently shared a video on how to use a French press to make espresso at home.

To start, you need to put an ounce of coffee grounds into the preheated French press. Then add a small amount of water. Once they start to bloom after about 20 seconds, add more. Close the lid, but only press it halfway after 4 minutes. Then pull the plunger up and push it down again. Finally, your delicious espresso is now ready to be served and enjoyed.

Ready to kick your caffeine habit up a notch? All you need is an affordable French press, like this great option available for less than $30 on Amazon. You are just a fund away from trying viral TikTok espresso hack with significant savings.

French press espresso: preheat, pour and press

This awesome french press makes it easy to upgrade from that boring old drip coffee.  (Source: Amazon)

This awesome french press makes it easy to upgrade from that boring old drip coffee. (Source: Amazon)

$27.99 $29.99 on Amazon

This French press is an Amazon’s Choice product, and it’s easy to see why. Its reliable, durable materials enhance the quality of your brewing process, while the heat-resistant glass and stainless steel frame help preserve the rich taste of your coffee. One avid coffee maker user even claimed that this product “made the best coffee» have they ever:

“I’ve been drinking hot coffee from some form of coffee maker all my life. Lose it. Want good coffee? Take this thing. This guy in particular is really good. It’s cheap, aesthetically pleasing, well built, light, sturdy and ergonomic.”

Coffee addicts will love the functional and sophisticated design of this glass French press. It requires no power or extra tools so you can take it on the go. In addition, this portable coffee maker will make a beautiful addition to your kitchen counter. It has four trendy color variations to suit your style, including bronze, dark pewter, black and silver.

You can use this heat-resistant gadget to brew your espresso in less than 10 minutes. If you’re someone who hasn’t tried a French press before, don’t worry because it comes with detailed beginner-friendly instructions. Plus, it’s easy to disassemble for cleaning afterward.

Forget the expensive coffees and espresso of the cafe and start preparing your favorite drinks in the comfort of your home. Visit Amazon today to get your new French press coffee maker for under $30.

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