I Tried a Beachbody Workout Challenge & The Hype Is 100% Real

You may be familiar with Beachbody, a popular fitness and nutrition platform that offers meal plans, fitness guides, and supplements. I first heard about this convenient home workout program on a TV commercial and it left me with good name recognition. I recently had the opportunity to experience a Beachbody workout challenge firsthand and was curious to find out what the hype was all about. I decided to do the Beachbody 630, a shorter challenge featured on the platform.

What is the Beachbody 630, you might ask? It consists of six 30-minute workouts performed each day that help build strength, power and endurance. They include Lower Body Strength, Total Body Power, Mobility&Stability, Over Body Strength, Total Body Tempo and Cardio 30. Each workout starts with an active warm-up and ends with a relaxation/stretching session. All you need to get started is a pair of dumbbells and a power loop/band, then you’re ready to sweat.

My training started with an introductory clip for my trainer, Amolia Cesar, who gave me an inside look at his experience and personal life, and how it all relates to my personal Beachbody journey. Cesar was incredibly efficient in explaining how to perform each step of each workout. There were three other “class participants” working behind Cesar in his video, which helped give me a refreshing feeling of being in a training class, but from the comfort of my own home.

So without further ado, read on to learn more about my Beachbody fitness experience.


Lower Body Strength

Beach Body 630 Lower Body Workout

Lower Body Strength included multiple sets of the following three “blocks”: 1. reverse lunges and a deadlift set, 2. a hinge position and a jump squat, and 3. a plank pull along with a ski swing using dumbbells. Cesar demonstrated every move and was easy to follow. By “easy”, I mean the workout itself was brutal and I knew my legs would feel the burn the next day. But no pain, no gain, right?

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Total body strength

Beach Body 630 Total Body Power

Beach Body 630 Total Body Power

The second day was about Total Body Strength. As expected, my legs were absolutely sore, but I was excited for the next workout. This regimen consisted of dumbbell rows rotated with hip thrusts using weights. Body weight was then emphasized for lateral agility. My coordination was tested as I jumped side to side and did a spider board. Finally, the focus was on strength as I quickly completed sets of jump squats.


Mobility & Stability

Beach Body 630 Mobility

Beach Body 630 Mobility

Third day; Time to stretch! This was by far my favorite training day. Going into Mobility&Stability, my entire body felt extremely tight, making this a welcome break between intense training. It included six movements that targeted breathing and balance. My personal top pick was a pectoral movement, which focuses on the thoracic spine. The takeaway from this day is that I found a great active recovery workout.

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Upper body strength

Beach Body 630 Up Body

Beach Body 630 Up Body

Day four was all about my upper body, which I learned definitely needed some TLC. The routine included a bent over standing row, alternating with a low plank. lateral front exercises using dumbbells. swimmers, which worked my lower and middle trapezius muscles. and generally conveys. I can confirm that this workout made me feel much more crafty than any other day.


Total Body Tempo

Beach Body 630 Total Body Tempo

Beach Body 630 Total Body Tempo

On day five, I got ready for another full-body workout. It consisted of the following blocks: 1. individual barbell pushups and bicep curls, 2. one-arm push press, alternating with split squats, and 3. side kicks, rotating in an exercise that basically resembles wood chopping with weights. It’s safe to say blocks one and two sent shivers through my entire body.

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Cardio 30

Beachbody 630 Cardio

Beachbody 630 Cardio

I made it to day six! The focus of the final day was cardio, which included jumping rope with an imaginary rope. squat jumps, which Cesar referred to as an “instant burner”, and that was certainly no exaggeration. steps backwards and forwards, which were basically like a run on the spot. hip plank dips and (jumping) jacks. side hops; A hurdle stretch that turned into a reverse ride. and finally, leg-raised side planks.

Confession: I was definitely in a puddle with myself, but the feeling afterwards was worth it.

Here are my takeaways from the Beachbody 630 Challenge:

The Beachbody 630 Challenge is a solid home workout routine, one that I felt from head to toe. The only suggestion I would make is to add music to the workouts. However, I believe Beachbody’s reasoning is not to take away from any of the instructor’s instruction and advice given.

My goal for my next Beachbody experience is to join a bigger workout challenge. (Wait, did I just say that?!) The Beachbody 630 Challenge is a great starting point to start your own experience and I would definitely recommend it.

Editor’s note: This story was written in partnership with Beachbody, and the writer’s access to the program was provided by the company at no cost.

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