How to get McDonald’s Chicken Big Mac or make it at home

McDonald’s has released a Chicken Big Mac at select restaurants in Miami, Florida. (Photos: Josie Maida)

Move over the Big Mac, there’s a new sandwich in town. Since the Big Mac’s debut in 1968, the classic burger, known for its “two beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun” has become an icon for the brand and a favorite comfort meal for millions.

While the hit burger could never be replaced, McDonald’s locations in Florida are trying a new twist on the old classic – chicken meets the Big Mac.

“This small, limited-time trial at select Miami restaurants is an example of how we’re constantly testing new items and flavors to help us learn more about what our fans are craving,” a brand new spokesperson tells Yahoo Life of McDonald’s. Chicken Big Mac.

The sandwich, which has only been available for a few weeks in the US, follows glowing reviews from a trial of the meal held earlier this year in the UK. -food industry, has given more energy to chicken — especially as “chicken sandwich wars” continue to trend on social media platforms.

While only time will tell if the Chicken Big Mac will be available across the US, as an avid McDonald's fan, I was impressed with my experience with the sandwich.  (Photo: Josie Maida)

While only time will tell if the Chicken Big Mac will be available across the US, as an avid McDonald’s fan, I was impressed with my experience with the sandwich. (Photo: Josie Maida)

“Chicken continues to be an important opportunity for us,” says McDonald’s Chief Operating Officer Chris Kempczinski. “We already have some great global equity in our McNuggets and with McChicken, but we also have some equity in McCrispy and McSpicy that we think we have an opportunity to do more globally. So that will be a priority area.”

This isn’t the fast food giant’s first take on the Big Mac, as previously, McDonald’s released limited-time variations of the beloved menu item, including the Grand Mac (a larger version that includes bacon) and the Mac Jr. (a smaller version with only one patty and no central bun). The question is, will the Chicken Big Mac be next? And how can you get your hands on it without a trip to Miami?

Quite the foodie and a lifelong fan of McDonald’s, I made the nearly four-hour drive to Miami to see firsthand if the Chicken Big Mac deserved a permanent placement on menus across the country, and even I was surprised by my findings.

The chicken was a perfect match for this sandwich and offered a fun new way to enjoy a favorite and to add some variety to my basic McDonald’s order. While the Big Mac will always be number one in my heart, chicken burgers have allowed me to sample some of the toppings — like cheese and pickles — a little more clearly than when they’re on the burger.

My Chicken Big Mac meal, obtained by driving to a Miami McDonald's.  (Photo: Josie Maida)

My Chicken Big Mac meal, obtained by driving to a Miami McDonald’s. (Photo: Josie Maida)

This new sandwich also provides an opportunity for some McDonald’s fans to try a Big Mac for the first time. “I’ve never had a Big Mac before because I don’t eat ground beef,” shares Sarai Grace Smith, a lifestyle content creator from Orlando, Florida. “I was so excited to be able to try my first Big Mac with the Chicken Big Mac. I had no expectations beforehand, but I absolutely loved it. I kept coming back for more.

Fans across the country are dying to get a bite of the sandwich — but can it be recreated by placing a special order at McDonald’s locations that don’t carry it? The answer is a bit difficult.

“The Chicken Big Mac being tested at select Miami restaurants cannot currently be replicated at restaurants that do not serve the menu item,” a McDonald’s spokesperson said.

Why; Because, “the Chicken Big Mac is made with a new chicken tempura burgerinspired by our Chicken McNuggets and is different from the patty used in our McChicken,” they explain.

After trying the sandwich, I, for one, will agree that the chicken does, in fact, taste different than the chicken in any of the other sandwiches the chain carries nationwide. The outside is golden brown and has a crispy lightness that only tempura can bring. In addition, the classic McChicken patty has stronger notes of black pepper, which is noticeably absent from the Chicken Big Mac.

However, if you want to try recreating the flavors of the Chicken Big Mac at your home McDonald’s, hope is not lost.

To get as close to the Chicken Big Mac as possible, there are a few orders that will get you almost there.

First, order a classic Big Mac and two McChickens, with Big Mac sauce on the side to reduce assembly mess. Remove patties for chicken patties, top with Big Mac sauce and enjoy.

Other choise? Order the McCrispy Chicken Sandwich and top it off with toppings from a Big Mac. (Try not to sing the jingle on the drive-through speaker.) This chicken is a thicker cut, so I wouldn’t recommend it for a double stack. And while the bun is very different, I think it would be a fun substitution to try.

As a lifelong McDonald’s super fan and Big Mac purist, I welcome the Chicken Big Mac. I hope to see it on menus across the country soon.

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