Docuseries Armie Hammer to Remove Image of Alleged Biting After Viewers Question Validity

“House of Hammer,” a new Discovery+ documentary about sexual abuse allegations against Armie Hammer, is changing after its release, removing an image of an alleged bite that one of the actor’s exes thought was a photo of herself. . It turns out that the image in question appears to be a tattoo from Pinterest.

In “House of Hammer,” Courtney Vucekovich – one of Hammer’s former partners, who has accused him of sexual misconduct – discusses the love, coercion and abuse she claims she suffered during her relationship with actor. In an on-camera interview, she says the actor coaxed her into BDSM situations that didn’t make her feel safe, including rope bondage and biting.

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“It bites really hard,” Vucekovich says in “House of Hammer.” As he details the alleged bite, a photo of a bite mark appears. In the document, Vucekovich says she believes the photo is of her body and was taken by Hammer.

“He tells you to wear them like a badge of honor,” he says of Hammer’s alleged bite marks. “It’s almost like he convinced me that I’m lucky to have it. As fucked up as it sounds, at the time I interpreted it as love. Looking at it now, it makes me sick. It pushes your limits a little at a time.”

Shortly after the documentaries premiered, social media users on TikTok, Instagram and Twitter noticed that the image resembled that of a photo of a tattoo with bite marks that came online and appeared to have been found on Pinterest.

Now, Talos Films, which produced “House of Hammer,” is in the process of removing the footage from the documentaries, Variety has confirmed.

In a statement, the production company reiterated its support for Vucekovich and Hammer’s other accusers.

“We take seriously the responsibility of representing victims’ stories. When new information about this series came to light, we immediately began investigating it and will make any appropriate changes as soon as possible,” a representative associated with the documentary said in a statement, obtained by Variety. “We are proud of those who came forward to share their truth with the public — including Courtney Vucekovich and Casey Hammer — and stand firmly behind the important message of this documentary.”

Over the weekend, Vucekovich released a statement to People, explaining that Hammer sent her the photo during their relationship and believed the photo was a picture of her body.

“When you’re bombarded with love, you get a lot of images in quick succession. During my time with Armie, I received many messages, including countless pictures and videos. The bite mark that showed up was a photo sent by Armie in our archived text thread and over a year later, I thought it was a photo of me since I have dozens of photos of him abusing my body,” said Vucekovich in the publication. . “I chose to tell my story to shed light on what I experienced in my relationship in the hope that others will not end up in the same situation.”

In “House of Hammer,” Vucekovich says that Hammer once left a letter in an envelope in her apartment building that read, “I’m going to bite the hell out of you” with his signature. An image of this photo (which has not been verified by Hammer) was also shown on the screen.

In an interview last week before the documentaries were removed, “House of Hammer” executives said Variety that they were “tight in control” throughout their filming process.

When asked to confirm Hammer’s accusers’ accounts, Julian P. Hobbs, who co-directed with Elli Hakami, said Variety: “We always review our films through several lawyers. No film we’ve made has been more scrutinized than this film because we had to get it right. Wasn’t it just double commission? was of triple commission. It was like, “When in doubt, leave it out.” There was rigorous research, archival and legal review at every step of all the material in the film. I’ll be honest, even two days ago we were replacing a photo because we weren’t 100% sure it was attributed to the right person and place and that we had permission to use it.”

Hammer has not responded to any of the allegations made in “House of Hammer,” and an attorney for the actor did not respond. Varietyhis request for comment when the documentaries premiered last week. The actor, however, has previously and consistently denied all the allegations. Hammer’s lawyer stated that all intercourse was “consensual, discussed and agreed upon in advance, and mutually participatory.”

Hammer was hit with sexual abuse allegations in early 2021, after a flurry of “cannibalism” headlines dominated the tabloid media. He was subsequently dropped from his agency, WME, and a string of high-profile projects, effectively banished from Hollywood. A source close to the actor previously said Variety that Hammer spent time in a treatment facility to recover from the public scandal. He currently has no extended projects and is the subject of an ongoing investigation by the LAPD, stemming from a rape allegation vehemently denied by one of his former associates named Effie. In an interview last week, Effie – who is represented by lawyer Gloria Allred, who appears on “House of Hammer” – spoke out against the documentaries, saying: “The way they exploit my trauma is disgusting… they remind me Armie.”

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