Jeanine Pirro’s wild conspiracy theories should keep her off the air, Fox News producer warns via email

Alexi Rosenfeld

A Fox News producer has reportedly sent a stark warning to his colleagues in the wake of the 2020 presidential election: Don’t let Jeanine Pirro back on the air.

The warning email — the existence of which was reported by NPR — is said to have complained that Pirro was finding dubious conspiracy theories online to bolster then-President Donald Trump’s baseless claims that the election had been stolen by Joe Biden.

Fox News Rewards Election Conspiracy Jeanine Pirro With Permanent Spot On ‘The Five’

The shocking communication was reportedly obtained by lawyers acting for Dominion Voting Systems, the election technology company that is suing both Fox News and its parent company in a $1.6 billion defamation suit. Dominion claims it was “irreparably harmed” by misinformation spread about the company and its practices by some of Fox News’ most prominent anchors after Trump’s failed bid to retain the White House.

Pirro specifically questioned Dominion’s technology on air, including a segment on November 14, 2020, in which she questioned why vote counts went against Trump during Election Night in several states. “The Dominion Software System has been flagged as an alleged vote-swinger,” Pirro said, citing Trump campaign attorney Sidney Powell’s claims about Dominion. The Texas Bar Association in March asked a judge to discipline Powell for her actions supporting Trump’s baseless election fraud.

But Pirro wasn’t the only Fox News anchor to make unsubstantiated election-related claims on air, and fellow network stars Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity have also come forward to testify in the Dominion case, according to reports.

Speaking to Trump in his first post-count interview, Fox Business host Maria Bartrimo made some explosive claims about the election. “This is disgusting,” Bartiromo said, “and we cannot allow America’s election to be tainted.” In December 2021, she claimed she had “a source of information” who told her that it was actually Trump who won the election – although the bombshell claim was never edited or substantiated.

A Fox News spokesman declined to comment when NPR asked if Bartiromo was still considered a news anchor in the network’s reporting department and not part of its opinion staff. The refusal to comment is the first time Bartiromo has not been identified as a reporter on the Fox side of the news, according to NPR. Bartiromo is due to be sworn in on Thursday.

The legal cases facing Fox could force the media giant to pay billions of dollars in damages after a trial, which is scheduled to take place in April next year. But the cases will also have broader ramifications for American democracy more broadly, as they delve into fundamental questions about the relationship between the media, the White House and the electorate itself, which ultimately led to a mob storming the US Capitol to to stop elections from certification on January 6, 2021.

An outside attorney acting for Fox News in the Dominion case defended the network’s actions by arguing that reporting on a voter fraud allegation made by the then-president against Dominion is inherently newsworthy. “Freedom of the press is fundamental to our democracy and must be protected,” a senior Fox News spokeswoman also said in a statement to NPR, adding that the damages sought were “outrageous, without support and not rooted in sound financial analysis. as nothing more than a blatant attempt to prevent our journalists from doing their jobs.”

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