Hartselle man allegedly poisoned wife with lead in attempted murder

Sept. 4—A Hartselle man was arrested Friday after being charged last week with attempted murder for allegedly poisoning his wife, according to the Morgan County District Attorney’s Office.

Brian Thomas Mann, 33, of Coleman Street Northwest, is being held in the Morgan County Jail in lieu of $500,000 bail. “He is charged with intentionally poisoning his wife,” according to the DA’s office, following an investigation by the Hartselle Police Department.

Mann’s wife on March 10 filed for divorce in which she claimed he was admitted to UAB Hospital on January 18 with a diagnosis of lead poisoning and remained in the hospital until March 3. He said an active investigation by law enforcement led the Morgan County Department of Human Resources to require Mann, who is separated from his wife, to be supervised during visitation with the couple’s two minor children.

Mann and his wife got married in 2017.

In April, Mann responded in the divorce case that he had not been arrested or served with a search warrant, so “there is currently no probable cause in the criminal investigation.”

Mann claimed his wife was “using a baseless criminal investigation to extort money and other financial reasons.”

On May 19, the wife amended her divorce complaint, saying Mann “committed acts of assault upon her person … causing her to ingest lead particles.”

In written questions submitted July 14 to Mann by the wife’s divorce attorney, Jerry Knight of Decatur, Mann was asked to describe the contents of the “alimony supplement you provided to your wife in the late summer of 2021 through the winter of 2021-2022 . “

Also in the divorce case, the wife’s attorney asked Mann, who works in a chiropractic office, to admit certain alleged facts. Among them was that for several months before her hospitalization, he provided her with capsules that he claimed were vitamins that would “boost her immune system” and that she swallowed the capsules.

Mann was also asked to admit that he had five life insurance policies payable after his wife’s death, which had total death benefits of $1.3 million. He was further asked to admit that on December 4 he applied for two different $750,000 life insurance policies payable after his wife’s death, both of which were denied. He was also asked to admit that the only life insurance payable to his wife after his death was $52,000.

In an Aug. 22 motion, Mann’s attorney, Christopher Weston of Huntsville, asked if there was coordination between Hartselle police and Knight, the wife’s attorney. Knight is a former Morgan County Assistant District Attorney.

The motion said Mann had discovered that “in March and July 2022, the Hartselle Police Department executed two search warrants, one on (Mann’s) social media account and one on (Mann’s) cell phone carrier. There was a third search the warrant issued regarding (Mann’s) Google account information … .”

Mann’s attorney objected to the discovery requests because “they appear to directly track the defendant’s phone records, as well as the suspect’s open criminal investigation. Upon information and belief, plaintiff’s counsel has contacted the Hartselle Police Department, both of whom are working together to obtain information regarding the Hartselle Police Department’s open criminal investigation.”

On August 23, Morgan County Judge Charles Elliott stayed the divorce proceedings “pending the completion of the criminal investigation.”

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