Greet the team rain or shine with these game day essentials

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Be ready for the fall sports season, no matter the weather. (Source: iStock)

The fall sports season is almost here. Both the major sports leagues and your kids’ local leagues will be hitting their stride and bringing their teams back together in the coming months. Because of this, now is the time for football fans to rejoice to see their favorite players and teams back on the pitch. Whether you’re watching the game live on the field, you should prepare for whatever nature has in store.

After all, regardless of your sport of choice, bad weather is almost impossible to predict, so buying tickets in advance can often feel like a gamble. That’s why it pays to be prepared in case the ticket you bought months ago falls on a day with less-than-stellar weather. Plus, if you have a young athlete in your family, bad weather during a game is inevitable. After all, the fall season is no stranger to rain and chilly temperatures, not to mention freezing weather and even snow in the coming months.

If you’re looking to enjoy live games and support your favorite team in person, check out these essentials to help make sure you’re ready for anything this fall season.

Waterproof rain poncho with hood

Keep this poncho with you for ultimate waterproof protection -- just in case.  (Source: Amazon)

Keep this poncho with you for ultimate waterproof protection — just in case. (Source: Amazon)

$18.99 $26.99 on Amazon

A poncho or raincoat is, without a doubt, one of the best tools to protect yourself from the elements. With a waterproof poncho with a hood (and ideally, an umbrella), you can ensure that you and your clothes stay almost completely dry – even through a four-hour football game. And this Amazon’s Choice raincoat is a great choice with its drawstring hood, front pocket and compact storage pouch.

You’ll stay dry in this 100% polyester hooded raincoat, and it’s actually so waterproof you can even use it as a camping tarp or ground sheet. Available in over 20 colors and designs, choose one that shows your team spirit.

The price of this poncho varies by color, but many of the raincoats are up to 30% off, so check them out now.

Extra large outdoor blanket

Here is the outdoor blanket to end all other outdoor blankets.  (Source: Amazon)

Here is the outdoor blanket to end all other outdoor blankets. (Source: Amazon)

$29.99 on Amazon

If you’re queuing or watching a local grass game, you’ll want to put something between you and the dirty ground. There’s no better way to claim a cozy spot than with a large outdoor picnic blanket.

This soft picnic blanket will not only give you a large, comfortable surface to sit on, thanks to the padded middle layer, but it also has a waterproof bottom layer so you can avoid wet or muddy grass. This Amazon’s Choice blanket features a convenient carry handle and storage bag for easy portability. The durable and versatile blanket is available for just $30 on Amazon.

Rechargeable hand warmer

Keep your hands toasty for hours in any weather with a little help from this rechargeable hand warmer.  (Source: Amazon)

Keep your hands toasty for hours, in any weather, with a little help from this rechargeable hand warmer. (Source: Amazon)

$23.99 $36.99 on Amazon

In the last months of autumn, the temperature can drop quickly. Even with winter gloves, it can be hard not to feel the cold in our hands. That’s why it’s worth keeping an electric hand warmer when going to a race in colder weather.

Having a hand warmer right in your pocket is key to enjoying the game. As long as it’s charged, this electric hand warmer can heat up to 131 degrees in seconds and can last up to eight hours.

It’s currently available for 24% off on Amazon and also has an additional $4 off coupon that can be applied at checkout.

Windproof travel umbrella

Never be caught without a good umbrella again.  (Source: Amazon)

Never be caught without a good umbrella again. (Source: Amazon)

$22.99 on Amazon

The benefits of an umbrella for everyday life cannot be understated. And while umbrellas are always handy, you’ll never regret having more than when you’re stuck at a soccer game in the pouring rain. You can easily take this best-selling travel umbrella anywhere.

Along with a raincoat, there’s no better protection you can get from rain or snow. Even on hot days, this travel umbrella can provide a source of shade from the hot sun. It’s compact, easy to hold, and Amazon’s #1 Best Seller in folding umbrellas. Get this umbrella now and thank yourself later – it’s available in six colors starting at $23.

The competition does not stop for bad weather conditions

Just because the weather has taken a turn for the worse doesn’t mean you have to leave your team high and dry (or wet, for that matter). As long as you have these essentials, you can enjoy the game regardless of the weather. Don’t delay — the highly anticipated football season is just around the corner, and some of these sales won’t last long.

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