Tiffany Haddish, Aries Spears Reps Call Child Sexual Abuse Lawsuit ‘Shakedown’

Tiffany Haddish, left, and Aries Spears have been accused of child sexual abuse, which Haddish’s reps call “indecent.” (Rodin Eckenroth/Wire Image, left, Bobby Bank/Getty Images)

Comedians Tiffany Haddish and Aries Spears are accused of child sexual abuse.

According to a lawsuit filed Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court, the actors allegedly assaulted a pair of siblings — named John Doe and Jane Doe in the filing — when they were 7 and 14 years old. The Daily Beast first reported the lawsuit on Thursday.

The suit alleges that Haddish (“Girls Trip”) and Spears (“MADtv”) “groomed” and “harassed” the plaintiffs and that some of the incidents were caught on video. However, Haddish’s attorney, Andrew Brettler, denied the allegations.

“The plaintiff’s mother, Trizah Morris, has been trying to make these false allegations against Ms. Haddish for several years,” he said in a statement to the Times. “Every lawyer who initially took on her case – and there were quite a few – eventually dropped the matter once it became clear that the claims were unfounded and Ms Hadis would not budge.

“Now, Ms. Morris has her adult daughter representing herself in this trial. The two of them together will face the consequences of continuing this frivolous action.”

When reached by the Times on Thursday, an attorney for Spears, Debra Opri, responded, “She’s not going to submit to any shakedown.”

//Before we break down the assertions, I think we need a broad sentence or two here explaining what the assertions are about. The Daily Beast put it this way:

As a “longtime family friend” of the brothers’ mother, Haddish regularly visited the plaintiffs’ home to bring their mom to comedy shows, the lawsuit states. The siblings also claim that Haddish took John Doe to Spears’ home, where he was allegedly abused by the comedian.

“The video of the harassment was uploaded and posted to the ‘Funny or Die’ website in 2014 and was not removed from the internet until May 2021,” the filing states.

The 31-page lawsuit also alleges that Spears wanted Jane Doe to copy the actions of a video where a man and a woman ate a sandwich while “moaning and making sexual noises” in a way that “simulated the act of fellatio.” Haddish allegedly showed Jane Doe “how to give fellatio, including the motions, noises, moaning and groaning.”

Jane Doe also allegedly appeared in a “sexually suggestive” video.

In August 2014, Haddish and Spears filmed John Doe for what was supposed to be a reel to help him land a gig on Nickelodeon.

For the skit — titled “Through A Pedophiles Eyes,” according to the suit — John Doe allegedly stripped down to his underwear, with Spears “lusting and abusing the 7-year-old throughout the video” while Haddish was not present. -screen.

“After the shooting, Mr. Doe called his mother crying, saying he didn’t want to shoot anymore,” the suit states.

The plaintiff’s mother contacted Spears several times requesting the video. Spears reportedly said she wasn’t done editing the video, but claimed “the footage was unusable” and deleted it. Haddish said she did not have a copy.

The alleged skit wasn’t the first time Spears took part in a video about a child’s relationship with a grown man. In 2002, as part of a “MADtv” skit, he appeared as R. Kelly, who was recently sentenced to 30 years in prison for sex trafficking and extortion. As an R&B singer, Spears asked a young fan to “lie about your age” and recorded her backstage.

In 2018, the mother of the children attempted a $15,000 settlement with Spears, but it was unsuccessful.

The recently filed lawsuit said John Doe and Jane Doe accuse Haddish and Spears of gross negligence, sexual assault, sexual harassment and sexual abuse of a minor.

This story originally appeared in the Los Angeles Times.

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