Take advantage of these end of summer deals on pool floats for fun and relaxation

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Stay cool in the pool this summer. (Source: Amazon)

As summer draws to a close, now is the time to stock up on pool essentials thanks to all the end-of-season sales. If you’ve had your eye on some new floaties but didn’t want to sell out, now is the time to stock up on them for next summer. If you’re not sure where to start looking, you’re in luck. We’ve found two highly rated options that are currently 43% off.

Grab these fun floats before this offer is gone

Soak up some rays on one of these comfortable pool loungers.  (Source: Amazon)

Soak up some rays on one of these comfortable pool loungers. (Source: Amazon)

$18.99 $31.99 on Amazon

Whether you’re playing in the water, relaxing, or just trying to keep your hair chlorine-free, these water hammocks are the perfect floats for the job. They are multi-functional and can be used to sit or lie in the water – making them suitable for everyone. Thanks to their design from high-quality materials, these hammocks are strong enough to withstand the coming summers.

These floats are also extremely lightweight and deflate easily, making storage and transport simple. Whether you’re hitting the pool, going on vacation, or spending a day at the lake, these water hammocks are built to travel.

Check out what this verified Amazon buyer had to say in his five-star review: “It’s very robust. […] I loved how there were so many different ways to sit in it, so no matter how you felt or who was using it, it was comfortable for that person.”

You can get this two-pack of hammocks for just $19 today thanks to 38% off and an extra 5% off coupon.

Enjoy the last bit of summer sun in your pool with this oversized float.  (Source: Amazon)

Enjoy the last bit of summer sun in your pool with this oversized float. (Source: Amazon)

$33.99 $59.99 on Amazon

Sometimes just keeping your hair out of the water isn’t enough. At nearly six feet long, this inflatable tanning float is big enough to fit most people without having to worry about your toes getting submerged or the whole float tipping over. The removable headrest makes the float perfectly soft for lounging and maybe even closing your eyes — assuming you trust everyone else in the pool not to try to tip you over.

This spacious pool float is perfect for tanning and must keep sun lotions dry. In addition, it includes a handy cup holder that is perfect for holding your favorite drinks. An Amazon buyer says the float was, “Super easy to inflate and deflate [… ] It’s perfect for a sunny day in the backyard, but it also has a rope you can tie it to. which makes it PERFECT for the lake too!”

For ultimate versatility, this float doubles as a mini pool. Just lay it out in the yard, attach a hose, and in minutes you have a small, shallow pool that’s perfect for the kids or for cooling off.

This multifunctional lounger is 43% off on Amazon for the end of summer. Whether you plan to use it by itself, in the pool, or on the lake, check out this hot summer sale before it’s gone.

Save money before summer ends

Make sure you grab one or both of these float deals today. Whether you get a few uses out of them before fall or store them away for next year, you just can’t beat the end-of-season prices.

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