Get ready for Labor Day weekend with this cooking must-have

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Are you still using matches? Upgrade your fire technology with this 21st century electric arc lighter. (Source: iStock)

People have been building fires for centuries. Things have come a long way since our ancestors pounded rocks together. Butane matches and lighters have dominated the fire scene for decades. With the development of the USB power cable, things changed.

Now, batteries connected by small threads have revolutionized modern fire construction. Now you don’t have to keep matches that, over time, dry out and crumble. Butane lighters, while cheap, are inefficient, leaky, and too dangerous to keep around children.

We owe a lot to our forward-thinking ancestors and their fire-making innovations. Fortunately, we are not beholden to ineffective past firefighting methods. Instead of using matches and lighters, we have the incredible convenience of the Leejie Electric Lighter to make fires faster and easier than ever before.

This impressive Leejie Electric Arc Lighter is one of the best ways to put out a fire effortlessly. Be sure to check it out now while it’s on sale now for less than $10.

Safe and simple to use

Connect with your modern caveman self with this easy-to-use electric lighter.  (Source: Amazon)

Connect with your modern caveman self with this easy-to-use electric lighter. (Source: Amazon)

$9.99 $14.99 on Amazon

Avoid the worry of wondering if that butane light works or if the matches have dried out and are useless. Starting your weekend grill shouldn’t require a history lesson in prehistoric fire-making methods. Let’s get on with the cooking and over-indulgence of the Labor Day weekend.

Create those beautiful weekend memories with the Leejie Rechargeable Lighter. With a standard micro-usb cable and charging block, you can power this electric lighter to light hundreds of fires even in windy conditions.

Worried about security? It’s understandable, but you don’t have to worry about this lighter. To prevent unwanted use, simply slide the safety switch to the bottom. As added protection, its electric lighter automatically shuts off after seven seconds. If you need another spark, just click on the attacker until your fire starts.

This Leejie rechargeable lighter has garnered countless positive reviews thanks to its convenient design and simplicity. This device is so popular and loved on Amazon that it has over 12,000 five-star ratings. Read what one Amazon reviewer had to say:

“Wow. This thing is amazing. A technology I wasn’t familiar with so I’m very impressed. Small and so easy to use. […] We lit candles and paper to use as rubber without any effort at all. No fuel needed. Just a quick recharge.”

Why not get this reusable lighter for under $10? The long-term savings and ease of use are worth it. Just be sure to hurry because this sale won’t last forever.

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