Alleged racism and unconscious bias at heart of emotional ‘Big Brother’

Before the live eviction on On Thursday night, CBS aired a meeting held between the houseguests to openly discuss allegations of unconscious bias and racism by houseguest Kyle Capener.

In case you missed it, prior to this week, Kyle assumed that the people of color in the house had formed a secret alliance, similar to last season’s famous all-Black Cookout alliance, and thus had attempted to form a alliance from all non-POK members at home to go against them. This, along with other comments, made #KKKyle a trending hashtag for the past two weeks.

This week, with his best friend on the eviction block and worried he might be put up as a replacement candidate, Michael Bruner decided to report everything Kyle said to the other black houseguests – Taylor Hale, Monte Taylor and Terrence Higgins – who ultimately led to Thursday’s emotional episode.

To be fair, once he heard the news going around the house, Kyle immediately sat down with Monte and Terence to have a serious discussion about where he was coming from, taking responsibility for what he said and admitting he was wrong, while also acknowledging that he “must to examine the basic reason why this was even a thought or a concept’ in his mind.

Eventually the houseguests decided to call an in-house meeting to have an open discussion with everyone, during which Kyle admitted that he realized he has unconscious biases.

“You know I’m kind of naive. I’ve lived in a bubble. I’ve never been to a bar. I don’t have those life experiences. I have these unconscious biases, which I recognize now,” Kyle explained.

While Terrence expressed his opinion that what Kyle did was very wrong, he also pointed out the fact that Michael and Brittany chose to withhold this sensitive information until it was useful for their game. Monte agreed as he stated, “If Kyle was saying these things two weeks ago, I feel a little sly knowing that, like, they weren’t sharing then. That part doesn’t sit well with me.”

“I’d rather risk my game here right now because nobody wins in this situation. Literally nobody in this room wins. I’m so sorry,” Brittany said.

Finally, Taylor told Kyle, “You know, Kyle, I’m not going to hate you as a person or label you as an intentionally abusive, racist, etc. One thing I will say is that as a Black woman in this world, I don’t have the opportunity or the opportunity, the privilege, if you want, to sit and walk through these things. I want you to understand that I can love you and accept you as a person, but we can also make you responsible for unconscious things that have happen”.

While the conversation was awkward, Monte pointed out that, aside from the game, the moment was about learning and growing together. Taylor added, “Hard conversations happen. The ugliness comes out, but what happens next is what matters. And I love you, and I think you’re committed to expanding. The only consequence I want you to feel about this, personally, it would be eviction. But if that’s the worst consequence in your life, then so be it.”

Kyle appreciated his co-workers’ understanding as he apologized, sharing, “I appreciate your kindness and your love and your understanding that, for example, I’m an imperfect person trying to be better, and that’s what I hope to do… I understand where he’s at my game right now. I’m going home this week. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in the last 50 days. I hope I need the next few days to get a little better, and the only way I can do that is if I have people who can help me do that, and I’m sorry… I have a lot of growing and work to do as a person, which I’m coming to terms with.” And with that the meeting adjourned.

However, the week didn’t get any easier for Kyle as his show Alyssa Snider finally broke up with him due to the fact that he wasn’t someone I want to have babies with and imagine my life with, and I just feel that they deserve a little better than that.”

Although Kyle’s friends forgive him for his mistakes, Fans weren’t as nice as they took to Twitter to clarify where they stood.

In the end, Kyle was blocked and evicted on Thursday night, and during his exit interview with host Julie Chen-Moonves, Kyle claimed, in hindsight, he now sees what he did wrong.

“As terrible as it sounds, at the time, it just didn’t click in my head, and after looking back at the multiple conversations with Michael and Brittany and the multiple conversations, you know, this week, I realize now how terrible that was and I had to wish I had realized it from the beginning. I apologize to everyone watching and everyone in the house,” Kyle said.

Big Brother broadcast Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday at CBS.

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