The Anchor Hocking TrueSeal Glass Food Storage Set is sold at HSN

Are your cupboards stacked to the gills with crummy old containers and mismatched lids? Do those eyes almost drop to the floor every time you open the cupboard door? Traditional plastic food storage bowls aren’t just a pain in the butt. they also harbor bacteria, fail to seal properly, and are nearly impossible to organize. It’s time to put an end to the madness. HSN has a 22-piece set of food storage containers from Anchor Hocking that are going to change your entire kitchen game.

First of all, their lids use a patented TrueSeal technology to lock in freshness. But the bowls themselves are also made of heavy-duty dishwasher-safe glass, so you can even use them to bake, prep or serve food. The entire set is a whopping $86 (if purchased separately) and even comes with a dry erase pen for marking your meals.

When you do the math, this deal gets even more appetizing. This collection’s regular retail value is $126, but right now it’s on sale for a whopping $40! And it gets better: You can split your payments into five FlexPay installments of just $7.99. And if you’re new to HSN, get $20 off your first purchase of $40 or more using the code HSN2022 at checkout!

Today is the day to refresh your tired, old collection of food storage containers. Show every one of those stained, warped plastic tubs the door, because this efficient, all-in-one Anchor Hocking set has everything you need for food storage and more.

This set of 22 glass food storage containers from Anchor Hocking comes in a variety of colors. (Photo: HSN)

You’ll get one seven-cup, three-one-cup, three-two-cup, two three-and-a-half cups, and two four-cup containers (all with lids) so you can do everything from storing leftovers to marinating sticks to grilling a whole cake.

There are even several colors to choose from – blue, grey, mango, mint, red and white – perfect for matching your food storage with your kitchen decor.

Even the quality of the materials is beyond our expectations. Anchor Hocking has been using the same thick, high-quality glass since 1905, and all easy-to-maintain pieces are American-made. You can be sure that scrubbing or putting them in the dishwasher will create a sterile container that will be as good as new every time you use it.

Get ready for next-level food storage organization.  (Photo: HSN)

Get ready for next-level food storage organization. (Photo: HSN)

The lids are next level too. They use TrueSeal airtight technology to seal in their freshness flawlessly and are designed to open and close effortlessly. No broken caps or broken wings here. These caps use an ergonomic tab that is easy to handle, even if you have dexterity issues or very long fingernails. And the lids flip inside out for thorough cleaning — you never have to worry about dirt getting into the crevices.

And we mentioned you got it 22 pieces? Throw them in the microwave, even — these aren’t your mother’s plastic food storage containers. They are multi-tasking workhorses like everything else in a modern kitchen. Designed to go the distance, they’re all yours for the bargain price of $60.

We haven’t finished this sale yet. Neither do these devoted fans:

“Love these storage containers,” wrote one savvy shopper. “This is my second order, this time with the three large and medium containers. I’ve used them to store leftovers and bake mac and cheese and cake so far. I love the convenience of the fridge to microwave and the perfect application. I just found out they are dishwasher safe, including the tops (I saw it on the HSN demo). I usually hand wash them. It was well worth the money.”

Another five-star reviewer appreciates the eco-friendly aspects and health benefits of glass containers. “These bowls are exactly what I was looking for. Tired of plastic that is stained and not so hygienic. Glass bowls are much better and I’m glad I found them.”

“Much, much better than Tupperware,” said another shopper honestly.” The fact that it comes with a marker to write date and item on each container is another bonus. Really worth it!!!”

The reviews listed above reflect the latest versions at the time of publication.

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