Suspect Charged in Chester County Murder 2 Arrested in Texas

Vangereil Dretreckes Miller, accused of shooting five people, killing two in Chester County on March 6, was arrested Wednesday in Fort Worth, Texas.

The five people were shot around 12:30 am. on March 6 in the area of ​​Powell Drive, off James F. Wherry Street and Harvey Neely Road, according to the Chester County Sheriff’s Office.

Kevin Feaster died at the scene. The other four victims fled the scene and arrived at the hospital before deputies got there, authorities said.

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One of the victims was later released from the hospital. As of March 7, deputies said three others remained hospitalized.

On March 9, authorities said 31-year-old Shonta Neely died from her injuries. According to the sheriff’s office, she was an innocent bystander.

Chester County deputies then began searching for Miller, who they identified as the suspect in the shooting.

“It was a crowded area. A lot of people were there. Miller would have shot Fister intentionally and other people may have been trying to run out of the way and caught stray bullets,” Chester County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer Grant Suskin told Channel 9.

In early May, federal agents joined the hunt for Miller. According to WLOS, Miller was wearing an ankle monitor from a previous arrest and removed it before the shooting.

A month later, on Wednesday, the FBI announced a $10,000 reward for information leading to Miller’s arrest.

After Neely’s death, Miller was also charged with more counts of murder, possession of a weapon during a violent crime and possession of a firearm by a violent felon.

Deputies believe the motive for this shooting stemmed from an earlier dispute between Miller and Feaster in May 2020.

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Miller will be extradited back to South Carolina after processing in Texas.

He faces two counts of murder, possession of a weapon by a violent offender and possession of a weapon during violence.

Miller’s criminal past

Miller is currently out on bail on the following charges:

  • Attempted murder in Feb 2020

  • Possession of a weapon during a violent crime in Feb 2020

  • Attempted murder in May 2020

  • Malicious injury to property in May 2020

  • Possession of a weapon during a violent crime in May 2020

Those charges stemmed from previous crimes involving Miller and Feaster that Channel 9 had covered.

Feaster was arrested in connection with a homicide that occurred on May 15, 2020, near the York Street Apartments on York Street in Chester, police said. Christopher Mayfield, 42, was shot and died at the scene. Miller was also charged in the case, Chester police said.

Also in May 2020, Chester police said Feaster, a member of the Blood gang, was facing multiple charges after running from officers. Police said they tried to pull him over for a traffic violation, but he drove away and then crashed into an apartment complex with a gun. After several hours, the authorities were able to take him into custody.

The Chester County Sheriff’s Office said in February 2020 that Miller was charged with attempted murder and possession of a firearm after shooting at a car and hitting someone. Deputies said the victim in this case was his girlfriend.

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Miller was then arrested in June 2020 for attempted murder stemming from an incident in May in which he shot at a car after an argument, investigators said.

A defense attorney told Channel 9’s Tina Terry that it is unusual for Miller to commit to these types of charges.

“With an attempted murder-type case and certainly a murder, these are the cases that you typically see where people don’t go free,” said attorney Mark S. Jetton, Jr. “They should remain in custody until they have their day in court, unless there is something extraordinary in the case.”

The deputy district attorney said Miller did not have a very violent criminal history before the first count of attempted murder, but he had been convicted of illegally carrying a handgun.

He said to stop that from happening in the future, he supports a law that says anyone with a prior gun conviction who is then rearrested for a violent crime involving a gun cannot be released from prison.

Anyone with information can also call the FBI at 1-800-CALL-FBI. Citizens can also call their local FBI office, the nearest US Embassy or Consulate, or submit a tip online by clicking here.

All tips are anonymous.

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