Because Gloria Estefan’s Barbie doll is the highest honor she’s ever received

Gloria Estefan she’s officially a barbie girl!

The legendary musician has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. Not only has she won countless Latin Grammys and Grammys, she has also been named one of the greatest artists of all time by VH1 and Advertising sign (among other distinctions).

However, Gloria exclusively tells E! News that of all the awards she’s received in her long career, having a Barbie in her image is “a large one for me.”

“I’ve been playing with Barbies since I was a little girl,” she shared. “It was just a thrill and they were really good at being accurate.”

Celebrating the 65th anniversary of her 1989 hit “Get on Your Feet,” Gloria’s doll is a replica of her iconic look from the music video.

“I wanted to emulate the torero jackets because my grandfather was from Asturias, Spain,” she said, explaining the history of her memorable outfit, “and a mix of Moroccan on the Lebanese side. Emilio [Estefan]of family because he and I are so connected. It’s just one of my favorite looks I’ve ever had.”

All the Times Celebrities Channeled Barbie

As for what this achievement means for the “Konga!” singer, she just says it.

“I am well known in the Spanish-speaking world as someone who has preserved his culture. Despite the fact that we have recorded in English and had pop hits all over the world, we have never allowed anyone to change our sound, our image and we have kept our Latinism in our music,” she said. “So for a little Hispanic girl to see herself reflected and say, ‘Maybe one day I could do something that would make someone make a Barbie for me,’ that’s pretty cool ».

Mattel? John Parra/Getty Images for The Latin Recording Academy

Seeing other Latinx artists stay true to themselves, she added, is worth the progress.

“I’m honored to have pushed that door open a little more,” said Gloria, 64. “For me it was Carlos Santana, Jose Feliciano, Desi Arnaz—I saw him sing in Spanish I love Lucy when I was a kid and it was the highest-rated show in America.”

He continued, “These artists paved the way for me. So to kind of help make things a little bit easier… I mean, I was excited to see Bad Bunny he does his acceptance speeches in Spanish and plays in Spanish and doesn’t need to adapt. This is a great move forward.”

As she summed it up, “I love to see Latinos succeed in whatever they do, so I’m very happy that it’s moving in that direction.”

Gloria Estefan

Jim Spellman/WireImage

And although Gloria has made an impact on the music industry, she hopes to be remembered for celebrating her roots.

“My grandson or his children, I want them to be able to look back and see that we were proud of our culture – whether it was Emilio’s Lebanese side or my Spanish and Cuban side – that we did something to keep the culture us alive. with respect,” he said. “And being able to inspire people through my music and my words—that, to me, is the greatest privilege, because other people’s music has gotten me through the hardest times of my life.”

“To have my music exist for someone else,” he added, “is the ultimate honor.”

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