Vernon Teen Accuses Another of Murder, Assault

Aug. 31—In interviews with police, a Vernon teenager and a Hartford man implicated each other in the February shootings of a Hartford marijuana dealer and her girlfriend, in which the dealer was killed and the girl was seriously injured, according to a police affidavit.

Ty-Jeir McCray, 19, of 126 Prospect St. in Vernon and Troyquan Dajon Westberry, 25, of Hartford are both charged with murder, first-degree assault and other crimes in the shooting, which occurred at an apartment on Evergreen Avenue in Hartford. The hurt girlfriend called 911 at 2:17 a.m. February 7.

Both men are being held on $2 million bail or more while they face the charges, which carry sentences of up to life in prison.

In his police interview, Westberry called McCray “his cousin,” according to the affidavit by police detectives Philip Fuschino and Ashley Martinez.

But detectives said McCray said he knew Westbury only as “Tquan” and had known him for less than a year. They reported that McCray identified Westberry as “Tquan” from a photographic presentation with 80% certainty, explaining that Westberry had shorter hair in the photo.

The friend said in her 911 call that she had woken up with severe pain in her head and could not feel her face or hands, according to detectives. She said she couldn’t wake her friend, in bed with her.

The friend was rushed to St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center in Hartford, where she was initially listed in critical condition.

The second victim, Allison McCoy, 21, was found lying in bed with gunshot wounds and was pronounced dead at the scene.

The day after the shooting, detectives said, the girlfriend told them McCoy sold “weed” and kept at least $50,000 in a safe in the apartment, saying McCoy would brag about her guns, drugs and money.

She reported that McCoy had let a friend she knew as “Troy” stay at her apartment for several weeks. He said McCoy used a rug to open the front door of the apartment building so he could get in the night he was killed.

The girlfriend identified “Troy” as Westberry from a Department of Corrections photo, detectives said.

The apartment building has surveillance cameras, and the friend also identified Westberry as one of two men who entered the building that night. A surveillance camera captured a view of the two men jumping a fence with an open, colorful book bag containing a square object, which the girlfriend identified as McCoy’s book bag and safe.

Detectives developed McCray as a suspect, and the girlfriend recognized him from a photo slideshow as the same person she had seen in surveillance photos, detectives said.

In an interview in March, McCray said he knew McCoy but denied knowledge of the murder, detectives said.

But after he was arrested on other charges in May, McCray admitted to being present, smoking marijuana with “Tquan” and eventually carrying two bags out of the apartment under Westbury’s direction, according to detectives. As they were leaving, McCray said, Westbury returned and heard gunshots. He said Westberry repeatedly threatened to kill him if he said anything.

Police tracked down Westberry in June and eventually gave his account of the incident, saying he had fallen asleep and was awakened by gunshots, then saw McCray standing outside McCoy’s bedroom with her colorful backpack. Realizing what had happened later, he said, he punched McCray in the face for engaging him and McCray knocked him to the ground.

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