20-40-100 years ago — August 31st


August 31—100 years ago

August 31, 1922

William A. Stultz, convicted of murdering Officer John H. Adams and sentenced to hang, spent a very quiet day in jail yesterday. He is guarded day and night in the cell in the third floor corridor, formerly occupied by Charles Robinson, who was hanged last February for a heinous crime near Middletown. The day of his execution will be set by the governor.

The claim that the formation of a commission in Maryland for the distribution of coal would result in individual small town and rural users experiencing severe shortages. State forest department officials say there is no cause for concern because of the large amount of timber that can be obtained across the state. They claim that the main problem in using wood is the arrangement of the larger volume. They state that a cord of seasoned oak or hickory — both of which grow abundantly in these parts — has a calorific value equal to that of a ton of anthracite. Thousands of cords of wood are wasted every year in our forests, which if chopped, seasoned and delivered to the cities, would easily sell for $6 to $7 per cord, they say. Walter J. Fogle, of Woodsboro, brought to The News-Post office several exceptionally large peaches of the Stump variety. Mrs. Fogle stated that the peach crop was unusually good. Peaches are open-seeded and have an unusually fine flavor. Some of the peaches weighed about 2-4 pounds each.

40 years ago

August 31, 1982

Hood College kicked off its 90th year Monday night by welcoming its 350 new students, honoring more than 40 Hood College Scholars and awarding an honorary degree to women’s and minority rights advocate Carmen Delgado Votaw. Mr. Votaw is the principal US representative and member of the executive committee of the Inter-American Commission on Women.

Mayor Frederick Ronald N. Young appears to favor the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) as the bargaining agent for the city’s police department, but has told officers of the newly formed local union that he will try to arrange a meeting between them and the board of aldermen. . Young met in closed session on Monday with members of the local branch of the International Union of Police Unions (IUPA) and their proxy.

“Muffin,” a 3 1/2-month-old black terrier, was chosen by David Palak to attend the New England Education Center’s Hearing Dog program and be trained to be David’s ears. Walkersville resident David, 13, will be a freshman at the Maryland School for the Deaf this fall. Muffin will be transferred today to the center in Jefferson, Massachusetts, where he will begin preliminary training to learn how to listen to David. She adopted the dog from the Frederick County Humane Society. The dog then had to pass a series of tests given by a representative of the center to ensure that it was indeed a dog that could be trained for such a purpose.

(Editor’s note: The News-Post does not have access to 50 Years Ago archives for August 1972 through March 1973. The “50 Years Ago” summary will return on April 1, 2023.)

20 years ago

August 31, 2002

Due to drought concerns, the Great Frederick Fair is making arrangements to bring water to the city for the animals, fair officials said. The fair will install five or six large tankers of water for the animals in various areas, said Becky Brashear, executive assistant. The 3,000-gallon tanker of water he brought in Friday was from the LaFarge Quarry outside Frederick.

HAGERSTOWN — Some inmates are rebelling. But 50 men serving time in a Maryland penitentiary are raising money for charity. The prison Jaycees, limited to 50 members, has raised nearly $325,000 for charity since the national Chamber of Commerce recognized it in 1982. Last year, the club raised about $15,000. Inmates raise money by collecting aluminum cans and selling them, selling candy to other inmates and prison staff, and sponsoring hikes that take place inside the prison walls. Prisoners also sell photographs and, before the drought, washed cars for prison staff.

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