Taylor Lautner on the ‘Twilight’ Diet and Wedding Menu Planning

Taylor Lautner says “raw sweet potatoes and turkey burgers” made up most of his diet while playing shape-shifter Jacob Black. Twilight. (Photo: Getty, designed by Quinn Lemmers)

Because food connects us all, Yahoo Life serves up a hearty plate of table-discussions with people who are passionate about what’s on their menu at Polisheda row about food.

Taylor Lautner has played everything from a shape-shifting teenager Twilight franchise to the hunter Dr. Cassidy Cascade in the horror series Scream Queens, but when he’s not working, one of the 30-year-old actor’s favorite roles is that of a home cook.

“I have a bad marinade for chicken thighs,” says Lautner. “I also make a great steak, I make a great mashed cauliflower and [my fiancée and I] we love mushrooms and onions, so we’ll make sauteed mushrooms and caramelized onions with almost every meal.”

“My fiancee says everything I make is good,” he adds, “but she just butters me up.”

Lautner’s fiancee, registered nurse Taylor Dome, is Greek, which Lautner says he hopes will come into play as they plan menus for their wedding. “We’re definitely just starting the process,” she says, “but I’d love to incorporate some kind of Mediterranean food just to make her family proud.”

Another favorite cuisine the couple shares is sushi, although Lautner has strong feelings for other types of fish. “We’re pretty adventurous eaters, but here’s the one weird thing about me,” he admits, “is that I like sushi — all sushi — but I’m weird about cooked fish. A cooked salmon for some reason seems fishier to me and goes to my head, but I’m fine with sushi.”

Lautner says he also dislikes beets. And, while scallops were once on his to-do list, he recently “became a fan.” But if you’re making dessert for Landlords actor, be careful what you cook.

“I don’t like fruit in anything“, says. “I’m fine with fruit on its own, but I don’t like fruit in a salad. I don’t like most fruity desserts. I don’t like fruit in my other food.”

Lautner grew up near Grand Rapids, Mich., and says one of the foods he misses from his Midwestern years is Hudsonville ice cream. “To this day, Hudsonville Ice Cream is still the best ice cream I’ve ever had,” he says. “It’s definitely what I miss most about Michigan. When we first moved in [to California]I was shipping it on dry ice from Michigan so I could still have it.”

Lautner with one of the two dogs he shares with fiancee Taylor Doom, Lily.  (Photo: Hill's Pet Nutrition)

Lautner with one of the two dogs he shares with fiancee Taylor Doom, Lily. (Photo: Hill’s Pet Nutrition)

The foods he doesn’t miss, however, are the ones he used to prepare for his role as Jacob in Twilight series of films. “For this small role I did starting at 16, I was 140kg and had to put on 35kg of muscle to keep my role,” he shares. “This was an absolute nightmare in the nutrition department – ​​raw sweet potatoes and turkey burgers and protein shakes that were basically just sludge.”

“It was rough,” he admits. “I had to eat at least 5,000 calories a day to maintain my weight.”

Lautner spoke to Yahoo Life as part of his work promoting Hill’s Pet Nutrition’s Clear the Shelters campaign, through which he and Taylor Dome hope to encourage people to adopt from local shelters. The two Taylors currently have two rescue dogs, Lily and Remy.

“Because of our two rescue babies, we’ve always been passionate about adoption,” she says, “so it was a no-brainer to partner with Hill’s Pet Nutrition. We just encourage anyone who is ready to become a pet parent to go to any of the shelters in their area and rescue because now more than ever, more animals are going to shelters than leaving them. It’s a passion for me and Tay.”

Lautner says that when he met Dome in 2018, she already had Lily, a dog she had rescued about a year before they met. “I got Lily as my first dog daughter and after a few years, Tay finally convinced me to make Lily a friend,” she says. “Last year was amazing – [adopting Remi] it was one of the best decisions we ever made.”

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