Martha Stewart on cooking for Snoop Dogg and opening a restaurant

Martha Stewart says cooking for the late actor Robin Williams was a pleasure. “No matter what I said, he had an answer and he was so quick,” she shares. (Photo: Getty, designed by Quinn Lemmers)

Because food connects us all, Yahoo Life serves up a hearty plate of table-discussions with people who are passionate about what’s on their menu at Polisheda row about food.

Martha Stewart’s unlikely friendship with rap icon Snoop Dogg is a well-known celebrity pairing, but the 81-year-old media mogul says she has cooked for many other people in the music industry.

“I really enjoyed cooking with Usher,” Stewart tells Yahoo Life. “I worked with Puff Daddy. All the rappers came to my show. The only one that didn’t come to my show was Eminem and me yet I haven’t met Eminem.”

There was a period when he almost met the Real Slim Shady rapper, but technology got in the way.

“Spy promises my [he will introduce me],” he tells Yahoo Life. “We had everything ready at the Super Bowl and I didn’t get the text saying, ‘Come backstage now.’ By the time I got the text, it was already halftime and I couldn’t get to the stage and I was missing Eminem.”

In a recent interview with Yahoo Life, Snoop shared that the best meal Stewart has ever cooked for him was Wagyu beef, which she prepared with some help from actor Matthew McConaughey. “My God,” he said in the interview, “it was the best meal I’ve ever had.”

While Stewart says she doesn’t remember the exact recipe she and McConaughey used to prepare the steaks, she has learned exactly how to impress Snoop in the kitchen. “Snoop is a very casual eater,” he shares. “He doesn’t want a lot of bells and whistles in his food and he needs to be able to recognize what he’s eating. Like, he won’t touch an oyster for a million dollars, he won’t eat liver, win don’t eat this, he won’t eat that, so the simpler and more recognizable the better, but it’s So charming.”

Aside from rappers, Stewart says the late actor and comedian Robin Williams is among her favorite celebrities to spend time with in the kitchen. “We had so much fun because he was the quickest wit and the quickest mind and his mind was like a computer,” Stewart says. “No matter what I said, he had an answer and he was so quick. I marinate the meat and he loved that — can you imagine what he did with ‘marinating the meat’ and ‘rubbing the meat’ and ‘oh la la?’ ” Watch the segment, it’s really good.”

So how does Stewart handle the less adventurous eaters who arrive at her table?

“I don’t pay any attention to picky eaters and I never ask, ‘Are you allergic to anything?’ Never,” he says. “So if guests come to my house, unless they’ve already emailed ahead of time saying, ‘I’m really allergic to fish’ or ‘I can’t eat meat,’ I don’t have anything prepared for any frivolous or real people. with real eating problems. I can always make an omelet. I can always boil an egg. I can always make a piece of toast. That’s how I deal with it.”

Yahoo Life spoke with Stewart at the opening of her first restaurant, Bedford by Martha Stewart, located inside the Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino. The restaurant is modeled after her own New York farmhouse, down to the special touches. “In that room, you can sit at a table that is a replica of the table my mother gave me, which I still have,” he shares. “It’s an iconic place and the drinks are spectacular.”

Among the drinks on Bedford’s menu? A Martha-tini, which Stewart describes as “vodka, a splash of vermouth, frozen fresh ice and a great lemon twist.”

But at home, Stewart says she’s careful not to drink too much. “I never drink alone at home,” she says. “I don’t go for a glass of wine when I come home from work by myself. I’ll go out and have a glass of wine with a friend, but more than anything I like clean delicious food.”

Her favorite cuisine? Japanese. During her time in Las Vegas, Stewart shares that she ate at Nobu, a neighboring restaurant in Bedford where world-renowned sushi chef Nobu Matsuhisa oversees the menu. “I can eat Japanese morning, noon and night,” he says. “I love raw fish. I love sushi and sashimi.”

And how Martha Stewart Living do the creators feel you are such a household icon for generations of women?

“I was raised by the teachers,” he shares. “My mom and dad were both teachers and I always wanted to be a teacher, so guess what? Really, that’s what I am.”

“I’m a teacher, and all I’ve done is try to provide unfiltered, authentic, accurate information to as wide an audience as possible,” she continues. “That’s what I do.”

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