This is the key to keeping your desk clutter-free

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Check out these options to minimize your desk clutter. (Source: iStock)

It’s early in the morning and you’re tired. Your deadlines are looming, but it doesn’t even matter because you got this. Coffee in one hand and laptop in the other, you finally arrive at your desk and… it’s a hot mess. If you were organized from the beginning, you could already be halfway done with your tasks for the day.

All of this means you probably need a little help getting organized, too staying organized. With a clutter-free desk, no one will be able to stop you.

Never lose a pen again

Store your pens with this stylish organizer.  (Source: Amazon)

Store your pens with this stylish organizer. (Source: Amazon)

$14.99 $32.99 on Amazon

This desktop organizer features a set of twelve sections and a large capacity drawer. While the compartments are said to be for sorting and storing pens, you can really use them for anything you want. Use them to place outgoing mail, markers, office supplies — basically anything you need within easy reach.

The desk storage unit requires assembly, but installation is very simple when you follow the instructions or video provided. It is attached with screws that tightly connect the separate parts, so no additional tools or glues are needed. Made from environmentally safe wood, the organizer is sturdy and durable. With nearly 50% off and a $2 off coupon, now is the perfect time to stock up on those little office essentials.

Organize in style

This sleek, modern organizer is perfect for any office.  (Source: Amazon)

This sleek, modern organizer is perfect for any office. (Source: Amazon)

$25.99 on Amazon

The Jerry and Maggie Desktop Organizer is perfect for keeping things handy while adding a stylish look to your workspace. With a flat surface and sturdy board, the two parts that make up this organizer will provide plenty of storage for books, a plant or two, and any other gadget you need, accessible but out of the way. This organizer will fit comfortably on your desk without taking up valuable writing space. At $26 and with four colors to choose from, you’re sure to find one that fits your unique office space perfectly.

Compact but effective

Small and efficient -- the perfect organizer.  (Source: Amazon)

Small and efficient — the perfect organizer. (Source: Amazon)

$7.99 $10.99 on Amazon

Looking for something smaller but just as effective as the other organizers on this list? We have just the thing. The Bonsaii Steel Desk Organizer is a compact organizer with eight compartments and a mini drawer. You can use this organizer for your pens, pencils, scissors and sticky notes — anything you need. Mesh design allows ventilation throughout to prevent dust build-up. Made entirely of metal, the organizer features a rust-resistant coating and rounded edges to finish off the look. Get this compact organizer for just $8 — at that price, you might want to buy another one for your office buddy.

Make sure every day is a great day at work by keeping your office organized. No matter which organizer suits your needs, you’ll be able to say goodbye to clutter and create a more efficient workspace when you invest in one (or two) of these.

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