The Jack Wilson-Betty Wilson case

The documentary film, “Finding Betty,” is the final look at the 1992 murder of Dr. Jack Wilson of Huntsville.

Wilson’s wife, Betty Woods Wilson, and her twin, Peggy Woods Lowe, were initially accused of conspiring in a murder-for-hire plot to kill the wealthy ophthalmologist.

Betty Wilson was convicted. Lowe was found not guilty in a separate trial.

Renewed Interest:How a documentary brings attention to the Betty Wilson case

The documentary, which was released on July 22, is far from the first examination of the case. Here are some of the others.

“Snapped: The Lost Episode”: Before Oxygen True Crime airs its 500th episode, the service teased fans with a “lost” episode, the true pilot for the long-running series that features crimes involving women — not just as victims. His subject: The murder of Jack Wilson and the charges against the twin brothers.

“Procedural Files”: Season 1 Episode 8 of the HLN series that dives into forensic details of notable cases tackled “The Wilson Murder.” The episode, which includes graphic crime scene photos, highlighted the testimony of defense witness Kris Sperry, a deputy coroner in Atlanta, and how he believed the killing happened.

“Evil Twins: Twisted Sisters”: Season 1 Episode 8 of the Investigation Discovery show featuring twins accused of or involved in crimes, based on her description, focuses on the differences between the two brothers.

“Separated by Murder:” The names have changed, but the story of this 1994 TV movie starring Sharon Gless as twin sisters accused of murder stems from the Jack Wilson murder case. Steve Railsback, who originated the role of Charles Manson in “Helter Skelter,” played the killer.

“By Two and Two: The Scandalous Story of Two Sisters Accused of a Shocking Crime of Passion” by Jim Schutze: Researching the case, author Schutze, in this 1995 book, concludes that both sisters were innocent of the crime and that Betty Wilson’s conviction was a miscarriage of justice.

“Blood Sister” by Ken Englade: This 1994 book, published just a year after the trials of both brothers, does not reach the same conclusion reached by the author of “By Two and Two.”

“Malice After Midnight: A True Crime Podcast”: In January, Crime from Apple Podcasts featured the murder of Jack Wilson.

“Bless This Mess: A Southern True Crime Podcast”: Episode 45 of this podcast from Stitcher details the murder in 2018. Its seemingly accurate description: “Memorial Day Weekend 1992, Betty Wilson entered her three-story home in an upscale part of Huntsville, Alabama, to find her husband her lying on the floor In a pool of blood. Dr. Jack Wilson was a successful (ophthalmologist), well-liked and generous in the community, and no one could understand who would want him dead. What was initially thought to be a burglary went horribly wrong wrong will soon turn into one of the most shocking cases in Alabama history.”

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