6 Changes Walmart Is Making Before Fall

America’s largest retailer is no stranger to changing things up. From both the company side and the consumer side, Walmart has unveiled a number of changes that shoppers should be aware of before their next shopping trip. Some of these changes could even lead to great deals and savings.

With the transition from summer to fall in full swing, these company-wide changes from Walmart are piling up. We’ve rounded up several changes the retailer is implementing in time for the new season. Keep looking to discover which changes stand out!

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More electric delivery trucks

Electric Walmart Delivery Vehicle

Walmart is ramping up its delivery efforts after purchasing a fleet of Canoo Lifestyle Delivery Vehicles (LDVs). Walmart has agreed to buy at least 4,500 LDVs with the option to order up to 10,000 LDVs later. So far, the retailer has begun testing the InHome delivery service in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, according to InsideEVs.

Official of Canoo Twitter The page revealed its new range of delivery cars while showcasing it unique rounded design. Canoo President and CEO Tony Aquila highlighted the vehicles’ capabilities, including “refrigerators, groceries and general merchandise – and doing it efficiently, without pollution.”

Eat this, not that

Eat this, not that

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No more DoorDash delivery

Walmart Online Grocery Pickup

Walmart Online Grocery Pickup

Delivery service DoorDash is officially cutting ties with the retailer after a four-year partnership. As of September, DoorDash is ending its partnership with Walmart because it is “no longer mutually beneficial.” Business Insider also notes that Walmart is preparing to expand its in-house efforts after acquiring Delivery Drivers Inc. (DDI), a third-party independent contractor that supports Walmart’s Spark delivery service.

DoorDash also has its sights set on major expansion, announcing a partnership with Meta through Facebook Marketplace. According to the tech news site TechCrunchThe effort involves DoorDash drivers picking up and delivering items from the platform to customers.


Changes in inventory and sales

walmart refrigerator food section

walmart refrigerator food section

There’s no shortage of merchandise, as stores like Walmart and Target are dealing with a mountain of extra products in stores. But in June, Walmart President and CEO Doug McMillon said the company was working to reduce inventory.

Employees have seen the surplus first hand, as many of them notice that backrooms are overflowing and items are automatically reordered when there is still plenty of inventory. The retailer even wrote off billions of dollars to smooth out inventory. The move comes after Walmart posted an improvement in earnings and a decline in operating income. For shoppers, this could mean more in-store sales and deals on products.


Enhanced member benefits

walmart online

walmart online

Streaming while shopping is a new reality for Walmart+ members, as the platform recently announced that subscribing shoppers will also receive a Paramount+ Basic Program at no additional cost. A Walmart+ membership costs $12.95 per month or $98 per year and comes with free same-day shipping and grocery delivery. This streaming benefit will be available to members from September.

Walmart+ also introduces another incentive for members with its rewards program, where shoppers can earn rewards through the app or on the store’s website. Members can select the “Add Reward” feature on eligible items to accumulate rewards that could lead to savings upon redemption.


A PS5 Restock



PlayStation fandom remains strong as buyers continue their quest to get their hands on the PS5 console. Good news for Walmart+ members: they have access to the PS5 Horizon Forbidden West™ bundle available. Along with the PS5 itself, the bundle includes a controller and the popular game Horizon Forbidden West.

CNN reported that the package was introduced for $549. But just one day after the sale started, the price on Walmart’s website is over $700. It is unclear if this offer is exclusive to Walmart+ members or is available for purchase to the general public.


A new autumn Pioneer Woman collection

Walmart has teamed up again with the home&kitchen line The Pioneer Woman, but this time, label face Ree Drummond is gearing up to release a new clothing line as part of Drummond’s newest fall collection. The clothing line just launched and can only be found at Walmart.

The Pioneer Woman website calls the new line “her best collection yet.” Drummond announced the news via Instagram while modeling a sample of items from the collection, which includes tops and cardigans. In response to the post, Walmart commented that it “can’t expect everyone to do this fall in love with this new collection!”

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