These home improvement helpers can turn anyone into a handyman

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Do it all yourself with these budget-friendly home improvement tools (Source: iStock)

Stop dreading this home renovation project and equip yourself with the right tools for the job. Whether you’re renovating your bathroom or fixing an unsightly hole in the wall, we’ve found some simple and affordable solutions to help you complete DIY projects like you’re doing it yourself.

Patch up your walls

Erase-A-Hole from Amazon

Erase-A-Hole from Amazon


$11.89 on Amazon

Looking for a quick and easy solution to repair those unsightly holes and cracks in your walls? Most wall repair products have a time-consuming drying process and require additional tools that most of us don’t have in our limited toolbox, making a simple repair an all-day and painstaking task that none of us have time for. This is why Erase-A-Hole has become a popular favorite for DIY wall repairs. It is so simple to use that you can easily repair wall imperfections in minutes

Erase-A-Hole is a thick, durable putty that removes imperfections and repairs holes left by screws, nails and glue — without any tools. Just grab the Erase-A-Hole and quickly repair your entire home without breaking a sweat.

Simply apply the putty in circular motions to magically remove blemishes, wipe with a clean damp cloth, then paint when dry. That’s all there is to it. Now you can finally stop obsessing over that tiny hole in your dining room wall that’s been haunting you forever.

Make your home energy efficient

Stripping the weather from Amazon

Stripping the weather from Amazon


$8.57 on Amazon

Is there draft coming in through your windows or creeping under your front door? Instead of spending a fortune on professionally installed new windows, there is a simple and incredibly affordable solution that you can do all by yourself. Applying a weather strip to your windows and doors can easily fix your draft problem while also saving money on your electricity bills.

It is so easy to use. Just peel, stick and apply and your home will be practically waterproof and windproof in minutes.

Perfectly uniform frames and wall hangings

Simplify your hanging projects with the ultimate hanging tool.  (Source: Amazon)

Simplify your hanging projects with the ultimate hanging tool. (Source: Amazon)

$22.98 $29.99 on Amazon

There’s nothing more annoying than drilling uneven wall studs and causing unnecessary damage to your walls. That’s why we’re so excited to have found this handy tool that solves all your wall woes. Crescent Creative Projects Perfect Pro is the first of its kind and the ultimate creme tool. This device can measure, level and mark your wall so you can effortlessly hang picture frames, mirrors and shelves evenly the first time, every time.

Always wanted that gallery wall, filled with clusters of beautiful frames, but too scared to get started? Perfect Pro is the only tool that can evenly fit and place frame groupings for you, so you finally have the freedom to be creative.

Make your tiles look brand new

Grout Pen from Amazon

Grout Pen from Amazon


$8.99 $9.99 on Amazon

Beautify your home and make your tiles look brand new without scrubbing and cleaning. Use a grout pen to simplify your life and repaint the grout for a bright and brand new look. This grout restoration machine is the perfect solution to quickly restore dirty grout stains in your bathroom and kitchen, without the need for additional tools. Just paint and let dry. Plus, it comes in a variety of color options, for those who need a specific shade or are inspired to get a little creative with DIY home repairs.

If you are not so handy with a hammer

Safety pin from Amazon

Safety pin from Amazon


$8.99 on Amazon

Not too handy with a hammer? Well, it’s time to say goodbye to broken fingers and hello to the Safety Nailer. This stylish gadget takes the pain out of home DIY projects by protecting your fingers and guiding you to improve your hammering skills. The one-size-fits-all design makes it super easy to use and fits all different nail shapes and sizes. Just open the gadget, pop your nail and you’re ready to whistle.

This tool also has built-in magnets that further assist you by holding your nails in place, giving you more control and precise results. Basically, the Safety Nailer makes learning to nail a little easier and a lot less painful. This should be a must have in every beginner’s toolbox.

Final thoughts

You don’t need to be a professional carpenter or have DIY experience when you have the right products on hand. Stop freaking out and start learning home renovations the easy way with these great products.

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