The man jailed for firearms offenses has been re-arrested

Aug. 26—HAVERHILL — A Fountain Street man who shot himself in the leg with a spiked shotgun in 2018 and was subsequently jailed for two years for firearms offenses has been re-arrested and is facing similar charges.

Police charged Kadeem Pimentel, 27, of 88 Fountain St., Apt. 3, carrying a loaded firearm without a license, possession of a large capacity firearm feeding device and operating a motor vehicle without a license.

Police said they stopped Pimentel on Aug. 17 for driving without a license and that he was in possession of a 9mm handgun, which police described as a “ghost gun,” a type of weapon that can be built at home from parts ordered online. . Police said this type of weapon is nearly impossible to trace.

Pimentel’s passenger, Jacob Samuel Sanchez, 20, of 88 Fountain St., Apt. 2, was charged with carrying a firearm without a license, possession of a large capacity firearm feeding device and carrying a firearm without a license.

Both men were arraigned Aug. 18 in Haverhill District Court.

Judge Cesar Archilla ordered Pimentel held without bail pending an Aug. 25 dangerousness hearing. At that hearing, Pimentel was ordered held without bail and his case was continued to Sept. 23, according to court officials.

Archilla released Sanchez on several conditions, including that he wear a GPS tracking device, stay at home except for work or to take GED classes, stay away from and have no contact with anyone involved in the case and submit to random drug screens and alcohol. A possible hearing for Sanchez is Sept. 27.

According to a police report, on August 17 police detective Jordan Bergewine was on patrol in the Ayer Street area of ​​the Mount Washington neighborhood when he saw a man on the side of Varnum Street getting into a fight with a woman. .

The report said the man walked to a silver Nissan Rogue, where he put money in a glass Mason jar and gave it to the driver, who police identified as Pimentel.

Bergevine said Pimentel is known to associate with the Gangster Disciples gang and that he knew Pimentel did not have a driver’s license, so he followed him a short distance before stopping him.

The report said Sanchez was Pimentel’s passenger and that he didn’t even have a driver’s license.

Bergevine said Pimentel has a history of involvement in shootings and firearms offenses and is known to be associated with armed individuals, and that Sanchez was charged as a juvenile with armed robbery and assault with a firearm. Several other police officers arrived at the scene as backup.

When asked about the glass jar, Sanchez pulled it out of a backpack. Police said it contained about an ounce of marijuana.

When Sanchez started fumbling around with the backpack, he walked away from the vehicle, the report said. Police searched the backpack and found a Glock 9mm handgun loaded with 15 rounds of ammunition. Both Pimentel and Sanchez were arrested.

Police said the gun’s handle was stamped “P80,” short for “Polymer 80,” and that they believed it to be a “ghost gun.”

Police said the Nissan Rogue driven by Pimentel belongs to a Methuen woman and was matched to the suspect vehicle from the Aug. 11 shooting. The vehicle was towed from the scene and investigated. Police found an spent 9mm casing of the brand found in the handgun that was in the backpack, and also found brass knuckles in the glove compartment.

The owner of the Nissan told police she was never in her car with Pimentel when a gun was fired and that she did not know Pimentel had a gun.

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