Howie Mandel’s Prank With ‘AGT’ Fans Backfires, Almost Leads To Hits: ‘Extremely Rude’

By now, pranks are tradition AMERICA has talent. For example, there was that time when Simon Cowell pretended to be amputated by a dangerous act’s bow and arrow, he almost gave poor Sofia Vergara a heart attack. Sophia later got her revenge on Simon by ordering a shamefully hideous clay bust of his face. Then there was that time pro wrestlers Nikki and Brie Bella auditioned for the show in creepy clown outfits. So Wednesday’s results show that Simon and fellow judge Howie Mandel decided to continue that tradition — and this time, the victims were some unsuspecting ones AGT fans.

After all, with this season’s boring new elimination format — which doesn’t feature Instant Save or any input from the judges — the cast had to find other ways to kill time before the week’s contestants were whittled down from 11 to the top two , correctly;

Anyway, like AGT viewers were waiting to find out the two acts advancing to the season 17 finale, Howie and Simon decided to go see the AGT Las Vegas Live venue at the Luxor and get into a little mayhem. And while two months ago, it was the aforementioned Bella Twins who got into a fake fight on stage, this week it was Howie who almost got involved in a sting.

First, Howie wore a wig with his head, which could have Simon mistaking him for a version of his old self at the beginning of the season. American Idol co-star, Ryan Seacrest. (Simon called Howie’s look “scary.”) Then the disguised Howie walked out into the crowd at the Luxor resort’s VIP Experience — with Simon feeding him “extremely rude” solitaires, Cyrano de Bergerac-style, through a hidden telephone receiver. Howie took Simon’s direction well and basically acted like a gatekeeper at Studio 54, telling the guests that they were “underperforming” and not “important” enough to be included in this season. AGT promos… and things were understandably tense.

Eventually, the guests had fun and were surprised to find that Simon and Howe were messing with them the whole time. And the surprised—but less amused—reactions didn’t stop there. Later in the episode, viewers were shocked when ventriloquist Celia Muñoz, who made a big impression on Tuesday night with her tribute to Olivia Newton-John and was named one of the best performances of the night by Simon, was eliminated.

However, as I predicted, French magician Nicolas Ribs and Simon’s Golden Buzzer choice, teenage singer Sara James, made it. Now they’re headed to the finale, where they’ll compete for a slot playing on the ‘AGT Las Vegas Live’ revue. Hopefully Simon and Howie will be on their best behavior then.

And AGT Fans on Twitter are already hoping that Celia will land the 11th wildcard spot in the finale, which will be announced in the week of the final qualifying round of this season. Meanwhile, another 11 AGT The hopefuls will compete next Tuesday as the qualifiers continue.

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