The #1 Best Selling Yes4All Balance Board is $21 on Amazon

I’ve been in and out of physical therapy like it’s been my day job for years. I am cursed to love dancing and being very hypermobile, a combination that has landed me in the operating room a few times. But I didn’t realize how weak certain muscles really were until my therapist left me strapped to a wobble balance board – and then had me do exercises on top of it, say wobble board!

I just realized — wow! My glutes and core were forced into action. In these sessions, I began to build strength and stability, relieving my hip and back pain and improving my balance. Eventually, the sessions ended and my pieces rocked again as I forgot about this little gem.

I recently got back into the board (thanks to a shoulder injury). Again he helped me, and again the sessions ended as I got stronger. But I wasn’t ready to let it slip away again.

I got my Yes4All Wooden Wobble Balance Board on Amazon for just $19! But now that it’s in my house, I have to fight my husband and kid for a row. We’re not the only fans. This #1 bestseller has garnered over 7,700 five-star reviews!

As I read the reviews, I was surprised to see how many fans use it as a passive booster — while working at a standing desk, chatting, watching TV, even cooking! Others use it for recovery. And some people take it a step further and use it for a full body workout.

Get the balance right with this $19 wobble board. (Photo: Amazon)

Practice at work

Just place it on a non-slip surface, like a mat, and swing away. It is so compact that you can use and store it almost anywhere…

“Perfect for my office,” said one five-star reviewer. “Holy cow, this balance board is just what I needed!…I was struggling with back pain from sitting in a chair for so many years, and my PT figured out that I had a tight right piriformis, short right psoas, and as a result, a weak core. She had me do a lot of stretches and exercises on this board at her clinic, so it seemed like a good idea to try it at work. This board is perfect for standing on my desk. It’s hard enough to engage my glutes and core, but easy enough that I can type without feeling like I’m going to fall and injure myself. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to be able to maintain strength, balance and flexibility even with an office job.”

Another fan wrote: “I’m amazed at the workout you get in this thing! It works your core butt and legs. I use it while I wait to cook making dinner.”

“This is powerful and versatile,” added another fan. “It has a plastic bottom, so I use it on the rug or a yoga mat for stability. It fits easily under my couch for storage.”

Challenge yourself

While you can increase your strength and stability by passively standing on this board, many fans like to use it for a more focused workout.

This reviewer feels it: “Very sturdy — I’m 255 pounds and [it] feels solid. Try planking on it if you want to feel a real burn!”

You might be surprised how much getting out of balance can stabilize you.

Another excited shopper wrote: “At a local health fair, I tested my balance and scored about the same as the average 90 year old woman! That’s 30 years older than I actually am and I knew it was time to improve in this area. This is durable and challenging and is a great addition to my daily exercise routine. I have found that it not only improves my balance but also tones my core. So for an inexpensive and effective anti-aging tool, recommend a balance board, and this one is sturdy and well made.”

Let all these tiny stabilizers kick in to improve your strength and balance and, in turn, reduce pain.  (Photo: Amazon)

Let all those tiny stabilizers kick in to increase strength, improve balance and, in turn, reduce pain. (Photo: Amazon)

Focus inward

It can also help you achieve balance within yourself. As one impressed reviewer states, “It’s one of the coolest meditation tools I’ve ever had… I do it in the morning for 15 minutes and it really helps center your brain. Great break from screens. Just focus on your body, breathing , balance. I do isometric holds on it which are great for vertical jump/basketball ledge. Sometimes I just listen to chill music and use it for a while before work or study. Very good craftsmanship and solid wood, industrial plastic design, too. Really high quality!”

Fun for the whole family

When I taught kindergarten, we had one of these in the classroom and the kids would eagerly wait for a turn. My 8 year old is excited to finally have one at home. Not even my husband can resist. See all the other families who love it too…

“I bought this balance board for my kids (ages 3 and 7) to work on their vestibular system,” said one happy buyer. “It’s a perfect size for them and my 7-year-old loves it. My 3-year-old isn’t there yet because she has no balance of any kind, but she loves using it when she can hold hands with someone else while building her muscles. I wasn’t planning on using it myself, but I have to — it takes up little floor space, so it’s out all the time and the whole family (and guests!) get good use out of it. The purple ‘sandpaper’ texture makes it makes great for both bare and stocked feet. Highly recommend.”

Another five-star reviewer writes, “My family and I use this a lot. Not just for workouts, but sometimes one of us will stand on it while we talk to each other. It’s sturdy, non-slip, fully functional.”

…And Fido?

Now, I’m not ready to put my giant puppy in, but this fan did, and with amazing results: Perfect for people and animals!! My dog ​​was diagnosed with a neurological condition. The specialists told me to buy specific equipment to get him to build strength, muscle and balance so he can walk again and have a normal range of motion. Let me tell you, I got different gear, but this board was the best money spent. This helped my dog ​​in every way. He has been walking again for 3 weeks now and continues to balance and exercise every day as much as he can and it has done wonders for him. It’s getting better every day. The neuro team were shocked to see how well he was doing yesterday!! My dog ​​LOVES this board and looks forward to it every day. I’m using it now too why not? I feel the burn! We can be strong together!! I love this thing! Absolutely worth every penny. Perfect size. Amazing quality.”

In my home and about 7,700 others, it’s already proven to be worth the small $19 investment.

If you have Amazon Prime, you’ll get free shipping on this wobble table and everything else, of course. Not a member yet? No problem. You can sign up for your free 30-day trial here. (And by the way, those without Prime still get free shipping on orders of $25 or more.)

The reviews listed above reflect the latest versions at the time of publication.

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