Trista Sutter Weighs In On The Modern State Of ‘The Bachelorette’

Trista Sutter, here with husband Ryan Sutter in 2019, puts on weight Unmarried and Bachelorette franchises. (Photo: Getty Images)

Trista Sutter weighed in on his situation The Bachelorette, nearly two decades after putting the program on the pop culture map. He was the first spinoff lead and found love with firefighter Ryan Sutter. They share two children and are one of four Bachelorette couples still together after 19 seasons. In an interview with Vulture, Trista said what all longtime viewers think: that producers are over-manipulating storylines these days and that there’s a lack of real intimacy.

“There was a lot more depth in the early seasons,” he shared. “Last night I was watching a new episode with my daughter and my husband watched the episode with us. He rarely watches it anymore. He was mimicking what was happening in the episode. “Now, can we figure it out? Oh yes, we had such a fun day today. Can we stand out?’ It’s all about standing out.”

As much as Trista’s first instinct was to tell Ryan to be quiet, she noted that “there’s some truth to that.”

“For my season, I’ve kissed four guys. It’s very common now to say, ‘Oh, we just met. Can we kiss just to see?’ It’s speed dating on steroids,” she continued. “I think people realize there’s only so much time, so let’s see if we’re compatible in the way we kiss because kissing is an important part of relationships. “

When Vulture noted that the show’s “foundational tenets” “are a bond of kiss and trauma,” Trista agreed.

“Things are rushed and that contributes to the lack of depth in the beginning. To me, that’s a little more superficial — the kiss — even though it’s a very important part of a relationship. If Ryan was a bad kisser, I don’t know that we would have ended up together “, he admitted.

“Personally, for my individual tastes as a viewer, I would have liked to see less of a show and more of a conversation about things that matter,” he added. “That’s where I see the connection with people. If my daughter was ever on the show, I’d want to make sure she got to know the other person before going for the smooches.”

One thing Trista doesn’t like, though, is the double standard between Unmarried and Bachelorette seasons when it comes to sex.

“When I was named the first Bachelorette, a lot of guys wrote that they thought I’d look like a slut or a whore. Was the Bachelor ever called that? No. Kaitlyn Bristowe has spoken out about death threats after sleeping with Nick Viall on her season,” she shared Trista. “I think it’s sad that women can’t… I hesitate to say all this because who knows if my kids will read it. But I would like there to be no double standards when it comes to sex. there is. It would be nice for women to feel like they can speak their mind without being judged in this area. I don’t think we’re there yet.”

Though Trista has some issues with the franchise, particularly his current season The Bachelorette“Lack of structure and form” with two leads, he still believes the process works.

“I wouldn’t be as much of a fan if I didn’t see the authenticity. Granted, you might have to look harder than you have in the past. But I still think it’s there and will continue to be.” she noted. “If there was no authenticity, then the show would have to say goodbye.”

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