Awkward hometown date on ‘Bachelorette’ as Rachel gets grilled

Things were pretty tense during The Bachelorette Rachel Recchia’s hometown date with Tino Franco on Monday night, when Rachel ran into Tino’s incredulous dad, Joe.

Tino’s parents gave Rachel an uncertain look from the start as they kept asking her about the fact that there were other guys in the picture. Yes so The Bachelorette projects. And when Tino told his parents that he would ideally propose to Rachel in two weeks, if she chooses to give him the last rose, that’s when they decided to pull Rachel aside to grill her like there’s no tomorrow.

Rachel’s examination began with Tino’s mother, Sandy, testing the Bachelorette by asking her what she thought Tino’s best traits were. Despite giving a thoughtful response about how she loves how Tino donates blood all the time because it shows his generosity and kindness, Sandy responded by saying: “If you think you’ve met him outside of that – it’s not true. This is not real.” Rachel insisted that this process and the journey is real for her. However, Sandy would not accept this.

“I have to figure out in a week or two if I’m mending a broken heart or planning a wedding,” Sandy finally said. After the awkward and awkward conversation with Tino’s mom, things took a turn for the worse for Rachel when she was confronted by his dad.

“I guess my first question would be: how can you make a connection so quickly? You have to appreciate the skepticism,” Joe told Rachel. “I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that this could happen so quickly. And, so tell me, what’s Tino like? Convince me you know him. The real Tino.”

Rachel shared that she appreciates Tino’s positive outlook on life and the fact that he is so humble and caring. However, much like Sandy’s reaction, it seemed that anything Rachel said carried no weight with his parents.

“Don’t take it the wrong way. It just sounds… I mean, you’re saying all the right things, and it’s, like, all great, but at least in our minds, from 20,000 feet away, we see it as, like, this fairytale thing.”Despite being on the verge of tears, Rachel confronted Tino’s dad, which made viewers proud:

Like most people Bachelorette Fans know that Rachel previously competed for Clayton Echard’s heart in his final season The bachelor and was left heartbroken after falling for all three of the final women, ultimately leading to Rachel and Gabby becoming this season’s double Bachelorettes. Knowing this story, Joe told Rachel, “I don’t want to beat a dead horse. The hardest part of it all is just, this is your second trip. I asked Tino, I said, ‘Well, you know, this person just wants to get married or does that person, you know, really like you?’ Like I say, you’re looking for an engagement, so you’re on your mind, and, you know, when he talks about how this could go further, I’m like, “Tino, are you ready?” And, you know, ‘Are you sure?’ You both have to be honest with each other and make sure it’s right.”

After that comment, Bachelor Nation lit up Twitter on Monday night, with comments like:

As expected, Rachel couldn’t wait to get out of there. “I don’t know how I made it out of that house alive, to be honest. I almost cried,” Rachel shared.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8 p.m alphabet.

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